Mutt & Stuff – Soccer Tricks (feat. Cobi Jones)

Mutt & Stuff – Soccer Tricks (feat. Cobi Jones)

Ooops!!! I got it! Hey Calvin Hey, it’s my friend Cobi Jones. He’s really good at soccer He used to play on a team that traveled all around the world. So what brings you to Mutt & Stuff? I heard you guys have a big game today so I came by to wish you all good luck Oh, thanks. We can’t wait for the game And Pixie is extra excited she loves soccer. Hey, do you think you can show the class some of your awesome soccer moves? No problem. Sweet. Let me give me some more room What!? Woah! Wow, that was awesome Remember soccer is all about using your feet. Not your hands, which I don’t think will be a problem for you guys Well Gotta go. Good luck. Everybody. Good luck in the World Pup games! Bye!

Antonio Breitenberg

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