Munich, Germany • SURFING in the ICE RIVER!

Munich, Germany • SURFING in the ICE RIVER!

Sure the English Garden is very similar to Central Park in New York. Two things make it a little bit different. There’s a river. The second thing is Surfing. Whenever the weather is nice and whenever the weather is horrible they surf, almost 365 days a year they surf right here in the middle of Munich. Hundreds of miles from the closest ocean but this is regarded as one of the best surf spots in Europe. The three foot wave was created by submerging boards tied to the bridge which angled the fast moving water up creating the perfect wave. Am I about to get (BLEEP) up by some ducks? I don’t like the way that…
they just looked at me. Are we going to have any problem here? Coming at me. I don’t like it. I don’t speak goose! I don’t like when you’re coming at me like that. (Mel) It’s gonna rain. I don’t think so. It’s like completely blue skies And I checked the weather. (Mel) That’s what you said last week. Fine, if it rains I’ll go back to the hotel for your rain jacket and your umbrella but it’s… (Mel) And you have to buy me ginger bread.

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “Munich, Germany • SURFING in the ICE RIVER!

  1. Scott Redd says:

    Zane, you didn't hang ten? 😉

  2. Nick Boyd says:

    Great video Zane. I thought you were going to post 3 days a week… love the show bro. hoping you start posting some longer ones!

  3. MajorMomentMedia says:

    The surfing looks fn pathetic ! How hard would that be to do after a giant mug of beer & potato pancake

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