MUNCHIES Presents: The Home of Hot Sauce with Matty Matheson

Sponsored by: I’m Matty Matheson and I’m here
on Avery Island in Louisiana. Chili pepper fields. Why am I here?
Let me tell you why. Spicy food is getting
very popular nowadays. A whole store just on hot sauce. Everyone wants hot sauce,
spice up your life. We came down to Louisiana
to the breeding ground… of one of the most famous
hot sauces in all the world: Tabasco. I’m checking out chefs… and see how they use Tabasco
in their everyday cooking. We’re going to be fishing. We’re going to be going to food trucks. This is some next level fried chicken. We’ll be hanging out at amazing
seafood restaurants. Look at this. Are you crazy?
Look at the size of this fish head. Louisiana is amazing, I love it here.
Check out this pepper, baby. That’s spicy. That’s really spicy. That’s really spicy. Well, shit’s spicy out here, dude.
Let’s get it. The home of hot sauce. The first place that we got to go,
was Bonafried… which was just this great little
mom and pop shop food truck. They served just fried chicken sandwiches. What’s up?
-What’s going on? How are you? I’m Matty.
-Stephen. I’m B., nice to meet you.
-B., nice to meet you guys. So you guys are the fried chicken sandwich
king and queens of all Louisiana. Of all New Orleans. Think I can come up there and check out
how you make fried chicken? Of course, we’ll teach you
how to make Tennessee Hot Chicken. Welcome aboard. It’s right next to the medical center.
These doctors are all walking around. I’m not the healthiest guy. But I think doctors enjoy fried chicken
just like the rest of people. Are a lot of people right now
are really interested in spicy food? Yes, people seem to enjoy it.
-We take boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Take your hot sauce and get in there.
Like, this is 10 pounds of chicken. You’re not going to over season it.
Just go crazy. The sandwich was like a perfect thing.
A nice, toasted white bun. Some pickles, fried chicken thigh,
the hot sauce… and sometimes they put
a little buttermilk ranch sauce on top. You’re going to be trying
the Tennessee Hot Chicken right now. This is delicious, by the way.
-Great, thanks. So what is your go-to?
-This is it. Right here, southern chicken. Everyone loves adding honey?
-The honey hot sauce is where it’s at. This is some next level fried chicken. The chicken sandwich is so delicious. I just want to say thank you so much.
-Thank you, I’m so happy to meet you. Thank you for coming out.
-Thank you for having us. Come here, Bonafried. Goddamn best hot sauce chicken
in goddamn Louisiana. You heard it here first, motherfuckers. We were walking around,
we got out over to the art district. Where Pêche was, which is
a really cool, amazing seafood restaurant. Ryan, the chef, he’s a really cool dude. And we got
to spend some time in the kitchen. And cook a really awesome
whole head of the cobia. Cobia is a fish that’s an incidental catch
at best down here. It’s great. Real meaty, it goes great on the grill. There is no sort
of moral baggage with this fish. Are the cheeks of the cobia good?
Or is it more about the collar? It’s a weird shaped fish,
there is a little bit of meat up there… but what’s really going on
is the back of the neck. Do you want to get it or what?
-Let’s do it. Chef, he’s like Matthew McConaughey,
or something. This guy is good-looking. We’re out here grilling cobia head.
This thing is massive. Like the size of a football
and this is the greatest way to cook it. Look at this restaurant, beautiful. So this is sugar, mustard, vinegar,
hot sauce and then oil… to make a nice rich sauce.
Tear some mint to freshen it up. And then call it a day. Teamwork right here.
-Hot sauce. And why do you think this is
specifically good with the grilled head? A little, spice, a little fat
from the olive oil and a little sugar… makes every bite interesting
if you’re going to tuck into a fish head. It makes it all taste better. Right here we’ve got
the whole grilled Cobia head. Out here at Pêche with chef Ryan. We’ve got the vinaigrette,
pickled onions, some torn mint. Look at that. All right, so,
there are lots of ways to attack this… but I think just going in…
-And pulling out. …straight into the back.
And there’s your dish there. I never thought I’d be eating
a whole grilled and roasted Cobia head… but I am. This is a great day for me,
chef Ryan. Here, eat the cheek, it’s the best part. Let me help you,
just let me help you, chef. Oh, my God.
-Is that nice for you? Fantastic.
-That’s nice for you? Good for me.
-You treated me nice, I treated you nice. Thank you.
-This is Matty Matheson, I’m signing off. That is good, it’s really good.
-Like damn. So the next morning,
I got to hang out with my buddy Alon. He’s been busy lately, he just won
James Beard best restaurant for Shaya. Which is his modern Israeli restaurant. It’s 5 AM
and we’re out here at Port Sulphur. I’m here with my good buddy Alon Shaya. The bugs are biting,
I’m going to get on the boat. World peace, let’s catch some fish. Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana ‘Captain Clay’ Boudreaux
fisherman Hey Alon. Go ahead and bait up
one of those PVC pipes. Let’s just check this out real quick
to see if there’s any specs here. So, we’re out here now.
Alon is tethering out some live shrimp. On a guy, a little hot rod here
and Captain Clay… is taking good care of us.
He took us out to this beautiful place… Okay, watch out.
-I see you, man. Alon is going to fucking hook the… Right now, we’re fishing for some redfish.
We’re just seeing what’s happening. Am I all right here, Captain Clay?
He’s got a fish already. He’s already got a fish.
-We’re just getting started. You’re doing great, Matty.
Here is what you want to do. Get that shrimp over to the redfish.
From you to there. Now you just wait,
wait for that big bite. I’ve got another one.
-Captain Clay is making us look bad. We’re going to go to another location,
we’re not giving up yet. Because you know what?
Look at this, this is what happens. The fucking shit is all fucked up.
-Come on, man. What’s that? Is this an R-rated show?
-This is Vice, my dude. We can say whatever the fuck we want. That’s what we’re looking for.
That’s what we’re after, right there. Sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw.
-Luck of the draw. I’m taking Captain Clay to the casino later,
he’s got a pretty good luck of the draw. This is good eating, here. Got a keeper, ya’ll.
Got a keeper. We lost him but we got a Matty. Captain Clay is the epitome of like,
you know, a southern gentleman. That guy is all class.
He had the whitest teeth… beautiful skin and anything
that happened, he had an anecdote. Hey, look, bro.
I don’t get hooked so many times. I had a guy hook me in the lip one time. The hook went through my lip
and came out the other side. All we did, was cut the barb off. That’s the no-good zone. So, once again we came fishing. I didn’t catch Jack shit
because you know what? Fish fucking hate me.
And that’s okay. I can deal with that, I can sleep at night
knowing that fish don’t like me. A lot of people don’t like me
but a lot people love me, like Alon. I love you.
-Like Captain… Hey man, you’re okay. I’m okay. See that?
Captain says I’m okay. So, we’re going to cook up some fish,
get back to the mainland… because I’m getting sunburnt.
It’s hot as fuck here in the Gulf of Mexico. And then we got to jump back
into Alon’s house. The beautiful Emily is here
and their good friend Chris. So, you’ve filleted the fish
still with the head on. This is going to be ready
to go straight on the grill. Beautiful. To be able to watch another chef
prep your food, look at that. Look how beautiful that is. You could also just throw it
into some scrambled eggs. Or steam it and put it on top of some rice
with a little cilantro and jalapeños. Alon, I just got lost in his eyes.
He was talking about that and I got lost. I didn’t know where I was
for a few seconds. You’re at my home.
Show some respect. I’m in your home, I’m lost in love. Dramatic, that happens
every time I fillet fish. Every time? God is like:
That is the best fillet ever. Thunder. So, he filleted the fish still with
the head on, kind of like spread it out. Flour, he had this amazing
curry powder from Israel. Cooked that in a pan with some brown butter
and then we threw in some peaches. Some garlic, some red Tabasco sauce. That’s nice.
-Super creamy, right? And then we took the bigger fish,
grilled them on a big green egg. That’s the sound you want to hear.
-It is. That’s the fish singing back to us.
That’s what’s going on. He had some mushrooms and shishidoes,
everything right here from Louisiana. The salsa Verde from the garden. It smells good.
-It smells real good. He stuck some tarragon
right up my nose. You used the red Tabasco
with the peaches, the stone fruit. The almonds, you’re getting that nuttiness,
a little more taste. And now we’re making the salsa Verde,
we’ve got the green pepper sauce. Yeah, and the green pepper sauce
with all the green herbs and the lemon… really go together beautifully. Green and
green. Do you know what I’m saying? Man, that’s looking gorgeous. It’s always great
to have a balance of flavor in food. I like a little spicy,
a little sweet, salt, sour. It’s hitting the notes.
-It’s hitting the notes, it’s a good song. It’s a great song. This is like
the Led Zeppelin record they never wrote. Right here.
-Yeah. Matty, we did it again.
Twice in one day. Let’s go eat, Ceci.
-Awesome. There you go.
The mushrooms are looking good. Definitely.
-I love this, it’s so delicious. This morning, wake up at 4:30.
Go down to the Gulf. And all of a sudden
we’ve got a bunch of buddies out on a boat. These are the moments,
that bring people together. This is unity.
This is socialness. Socialness? Not a word.
I’m going to say it, though. This is a fully balanced meal with
everything right here from New Orleans. Welcome to Louisiana.
I hope we showed you a good time. Always the best time
down here in Louisiana. Thanks for bringing the Canadian love.
It’s the Acadiana connection. Tabasco Headquarters
Avery Island, Louisiana I’m here on Avery Island… to see how creative Tabasco is with their
own hot sauce and to see how it’s made. This is the monolithic Tabasco world. We’re inside the inner-sanctum.
Let’s get it. Hi, John.
-Morning Matty, how are you? I’m well. How are you?
-Doing great, welcome to Avery Island. Good to be here, it’s beautiful.
-Thank you. So this is the garden.
-This is it. Want to take a look? Man, yeah. These are the seedlings?
-These are full-grown plants now… but this is all for seeds. This farm
is all going to be used for seeds. We grow pepper all over the world:
Latin America. We grow a little bit in South Africa
and Zimbabwe, that seed comes from here. We’ve never done anything
to modify or change it. The first thing you lose is flavor and it’s
got a lot of that, so why get rid of that? That’s hot.
-Beautiful open pollinated plants. That’s delicious, the spice is real.
You don’t want to eat a whole one. No, it’s pretty hot.
-Yeah. Maybe on a dare or something. We call this the mash warehouse
and this the aging warehouse. We started in the fields, then we got
to go into the fermentation warehouse… where it’s just salt and chili pepper. Damn. What is mash? In this case, pepper mash is ground up
Tabasco peppers and a little bit of salt. And that is fermenting? When we open it up and smell and
taste them you’ll see the difference… and what happens over the course
of three years in a barrel. Two of those pop off. So these barrels come from here
but the peppers come from Honduras. In this case,
the peppers have come from Honduras. So we have a little ceremony
that we go through in here… for our guests who come
to taste pepper mash. We do a little between our thumb
and our forefinger, like that. Swirl it around your mouth
a couple of times and then like I said… Pretty good, huh? Eating hot sauce makes you either cough
or sneeze or start sweating. We just did it, it’s hot.
We just did it. It’s saliva, the saliva is building. This is like if you were to take… Sorry. Try to be cool on camera
and then you’re like… this is hot sauce, I’m fucked. There you go. Welcome to the club. Family, almost family.
-Almost. See I’m still not family,
they keep that tight. Matty, it’s the end of my time with you.
I’m handing you to my cousin Took. Cousin Took?
-That’s him right there. Cousin Took? What’s going on,
how are you? Pretty good. How are you?
-I’m well, thanks for having me. Cousin Took took good of care of us.
He showed us really interesting products. We got to taste a bunch of stuff.
The coolest thing was the ice cream. So, like soft served
with raspberry-chipotle hot sauce in it. And then he covered the top
of the ice cream with more hot sauce. That’s a lot.
-It’s not quite enough. No? Okay.
And that was really good. It was like salty
and sweet from the raspberry. It was almost like a birch syrup
or something like that. That was a perfect example… of the creativity
Tabasco is doing with themselves. And then it’s my time to shine. I’m here at Marsh House,
the oldest property on Avery Island. This is the family estate. What we haven’t had,
is a traditional Louisiana dish. And that combines
meat and seafood. We’ve got the foundation right here
of the Avery Island mash. Now I’ve got to cut all this up
and make a Gumbo. We have the mirepoix ready
so I’m going to sweat this off. And then we’re going to build the roux,
so we’re going to do this and the roux. If you ain’t got this spoon,
you’re not making Gumbo. The base of any Gumbo is,
you take your mirepoix… or your holy trinity,
whatever you want to call it… all your vegetables
and cook them down. Then we’re going to cook
and render out even more fat… out of the andouille. And let this just all come together. This is the pepper mash. So now, we’ve got our roux cooked,
we add our stock. Then the rest of our meat and then
braise and stew all of the meat. At the very last second,
we throw in all that seafood… and let it cook for 10 minutes.
We’ve got Gumbo, baby. Here is the Gumbo. All these people are part of this
community that built up this hot sauce. I hope I didn’t fuck it up too much.
It’s my first time making Gumbo. I appreciate your time and showing me
Avery Island and all that good stuff. Let’s eat, man.
-I really appreciate it. It’s always good and we have
some aficionados here of Gumbo. Dude, is there…
It is spicy. Man, that Gumbo is good. It’s spicy.
I put a little bit too much in. I think it’s good,
I love you put in that half crab. It’s good to have a Canadian come down
here and show us how to do a Gumbo. I came down to Louisiana
to check out spice and hot sauce. Hot sauce is life.
It makes you good. We took that riverboat
on the hot sauce river. That hot sauce river maybe the same
as the hot sauce river of life. We eat this Gumbo
and enjoy the company. Sit under this tree,
maybe catch an armadillo. All right, take care, love you, bye-bye. Bon soir, mon ami. That’s a shrimp head. I’ll just eat the shrimp head.

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