Mrs. Penguin’s Ice Cream Truck Is Too Hot! | Children’s Cartoon

Mrs. Penguin’s Ice Cream Truck Is Too Hot! | Children’s Cartoon

It’s a hot and sunny day
and Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic, is relaxing in the cool shade Poor Mr. Monkey His bananas are too hot
because they were sitting out in the hot hot sun Just then, Mr. Monkey hears bells ringing A vistor
Who could it be? It’s Mrs. Penguin Hi Mrs. Penguin Oh, Mr. Monkey, you’ve got to help me I’ve been trying to sell ice cream cones by the beach but it’s a hot day and my ice cream keeps melting Nobody wants to buy ice cream soup Mmm…it’s ice cream, all right Mr. Monkey inspects the vehicle
to find the source of the problem He checks the tires The windshield wipers And even the horn [beep beep] Everything seems fine So Mr. Monkey checks the temperature There’s a hot setting and a cold setting Mr. Monkey sees that the temperature is set
all the way to cold Which means it’s on full blast Mr. Monkey can even see his breath Of course it’s cool now, Mr. Monkey We’re inside and the hot sun isn’t
shining down on me truck Mr. Monkey swings over to his work bench
to figure out this problem Even though the cooling system is on full blast, the ice cream keeps melting because of the hot sun How do we keep the truck out of the sun
when it’s at the beach? When Mr. Monkey goes to the beach, he likes to bring a big umbrella to stay cool in the shade That gives Mr. Monkey an idea Now, let’s see, he needs four bolts One…two…three…four He also needs a round bracket and a beach umbrella And of course, his trusty monkey wrench! Mr. Monkey takes the round bracket
and fastens it with the bolts One…two… three…four And now for the finishing touch Mrs. Penguin’s truck has a beach umbrella Now even under the hot sun, her truck will always be parked in the cool shade Mrs. Penguin loves it! And now Mrs. Penguin has an idea Here you go It’s Mr. Monkey’s favorite treat,
an ice cold banana split Mmm…mmm…
delicious Goodbye, Mr. Monkey Stay cool Goodbye, Mrs. Penguin
Thanks for the ice cold banana split Uh-oh
Mr. Monkey better get that ice cream out of the hot sun Another job well done

Antonio Breitenberg

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22 thoughts on “Mrs. Penguin’s Ice Cream Truck Is Too Hot! | Children’s Cartoon

  1. Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs says:

    Yay, Mr. Monkey! Saving the ice cream! 😄 🐵🍦🐧

  2. Лада Андреева says:

    Ah like chocolate ice-cream, an' ah like maple pecan "braids" (buns, that looks like braids). Is there any maple pecan ice-cream?

  3. Laicah Opada says:

    Yaay! New episode! 🐧🐧❤️

  4. Monze Gómez says:

    Excuse me, but what happen to Car Race Cartoon? 🙁

  5. Khushi Asif says:


  6. Deneava Grant says:

    The wheel. On the bus

  7. Diullye Miola says:

    I liked it so much. Great job.

  8. jimcoganvids says:

    i love you im your number one fan !!!

  9. Mrs PKeaton says:

    thanks for the episodes

  10. Luana Almeida says:

    You guys are the Best! I'm a brazilian Teacher and all of my students love your songs and videos! Congratulations!!!!!

  11. Suga Kookie says:

    I love ur videos

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  13. Sophia Salinas says:

    I want more videos from Mr Monkey I love the animals in those videos!!!!

  14. Dilek Alabıçak says:

    will there be another video after episode 12? Because my students look forward to watching it!!😉😻

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  16. Vianey Tlapalamatl says:

    I love your shows keep up the good work 😃😃😃😃😃😃😁😁😁😊🐵

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  18. Jason‘s toy review says:

    We need cool

  19. ELA FAHD says:

    Mrs. Penguin and the Hot Ice Cream Truck: I scream, YOU SCREAM, we all scream for ice cream! But in Episode 3 of “Mr Monkey, the Monkey Mechanic, things get worse and the ice cream is melting because is too hot! Can the Monkey help the ice cream cool in the hot hot sun?(1 ep3)

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