Mount Snow Minute 3: Pow Day & Expansion

Mount Snow Minute 3: Pow Day & Expansion

Hey guys Lauren here with another Mount Snow Minute in case you’ve been living under a rock. It’s been snowing a lot We’ve got 23 inches of fresh snow in the last 36 hours Thanks to Mother Nature’s help. We were able to open 23 trails in the last three days The riding has been soft and amazing across the mountain We’ve got the most terrain open on the East Coast, but our snow makers aren’t sitting back we’ve been making snow on 11 trails in order to build up our base and get even more ropes dropped for you guys soon working on beefing up trails on the Main Face, North Face and Carinthia We’ll be heading over to Sunbrook to prepare for terrain extension next week. See you out on the powder soon!

Antonio Breitenberg

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