Mount Snow Minute 10: More Snow!

Mount Snow Minute 10: More Snow!

Hey guys, it’s Lauren here bringing you
another Mount Snow Minute. It’s looking like a winter wonderland out here after an epic holiday weekend. Mother Nature brought us quite the storm this weekend and we picked up a total of 6 inches. Although we have a lot to thank Mother Nature for, we also have to thank our awesome snow makers Last week the most powerful snow making system in the Northeast was cranking 600 guns on 340 acres. Seventy million that’s right 7-0 million gallons of water were used in snow making over just the past few days So be sure to thank your snow makers. Conditions have been ideal and if you haven’t already, make your plans
to come and join in on all the snow I’ll catch you guys out here soon

Antonio Breitenberg

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1 thought on “Mount Snow Minute 10: More Snow!

  1. Jeffrey Dean says:

    I'm here today and my first couple runs down the mountain it was absolutely perfect

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