More Like Sisters: Favorite BFFs from the ALDC (Dance Moms Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime

More Like Sisters: Favorite BFFs from the ALDC (Dance Moms Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime

Antonio Breitenberg

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87 thoughts on “More Like Sisters: Favorite BFFs from the ALDC (Dance Moms Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime

  1. Lifetime says:

    Love Dance Moms? Stay up to date on all of your favorite Lifetime shows at

  2. Carrie ALDC says:

    Awww this is so sweet!

  3. Grace XOXO says:

    Omg I always watch these still they r my fave things to watch cause I am a dancer

  4. iskhalanga zion says:

    Awwwww there cute together.

  5. Funny things says:

    hi super video

  6. Leonie Lol says:

    Love this❤️

  7. Fav Flashbacks says:

    Awww I love this 💜💜💜 Tyy to the lifetime editor ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Cathleen Penizotto says:

    Hi 👋

  9. Jamee Gigliotti says:


  10. Azalea T says:

    Love this

  11. Daniella Simuene says:

    This is honestly the positive side that lifetime dont really show on the tv show. Its sad that they only care about drama

  12. Safia Mohamud says:

    When u cant afford to buy the whole series.andioop

  13. XxGrowly bearXx says:

    I'm 600th where u at?

  14. Samantha C.N says:

    The emotional connection between Chloe and Paige in the duet is just beautiful

  15. cool girl and the trooper says:

    Hi everyone if you love dance mom's like my comment

  16. Joanna Nღ says:

    Nah i guess you got a new editor again?

  17. Joanna Nღ says:

    After years and years of drama, Lifetime probably realized it was wrong to lie to us, so now they make this..

  18. Mohammed Ali says:

    I love this 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  19. Itz me Miale says:

    The last number that from the like is the person u are( Its just a mini gams guys) (Btw can anyone sub to me pls I reallt need subscribers ans it will be amazing If I can reach 25 subscribers)
    1: maddie
    3: Mackenzie
    7: Gianina

  20. MultiFandom McDobs says:

    Gemini and Two Sapphires are my favorites. 😍

  21. Leah Cruz says:

    Chloe and Paige were probably the closest friends or Maddie and Chloe but they’re my favorite friendships on the show

  22. Sarah says:

    Nah should have shown the famous trio

  23. Y Y says:

    Shame on Abby destroyed the purest friendships

  24. Y Y says:

    I think Abby always held something personal against Chloe. Chloe was very talented, hardworking and one of the best Abby's technical dancers. There was nothing to hold against her but sadly Abby still hated her and wanted to tear her down. Her passion for dance was taken away by her own teacher 💔

  25. Lauriane Rachou says:

    Run Baby Run is my favorite!🥰

  26. Iliana says:

    Based on the last digit of your like:

    0- You went shopping with
    1- You became best friends with
    2- You were invited on the birthday of
    3- You spent a day with
    4- You visited the house of
    5- You exchanged numbers with
    6- You hugged
    7- You were told off by
    8- You were ignored by
    9- You watched a movie with

    Based on your battery percentage:

    0-10%: Brooke
    11-20%: Kendall
    21-40%: Maddie
    41-60%: Chloe
    61-70%: Mackenzie
    71-80%: Paige
    81-90%: Jojo
    91-100%: Nia

  27. Monix C says:

    It's so emotional I love it.

  28. Itz me Miale says:

    Me: want the old dance moms and theirs kids to see each other again
    Anyone agree?

  29. Carrie ALDC says:

    Maddie and Kendall's friendship was amazing! I loved it

  30. volerpic asher says:

    Chloe and maddie are just perfect duet partners. Melissa is right there just meant to dance together, there so mesmerising and so beautiful together! No matter what happened to their friendship there dancing is just outstanding…

  31. Belu aguilar says:

    savanah comes back in the season 8? bc when she left i don't remember she had a duet with sarah

  32. jodie peakall says:

    The first one was NOT a bff moment. Maddie had just blamtently lied to get face about doing a duet with Kalani! This was a really sad moment and people were saying that Melissa was teaching Maddie to lie.

  33. Ella Rossi says:

    dance moms is the best show

  34. Hatim Elmir says:

    Where are my baby's Brynn and kenzie
    They do have a trio with Kalani
    Brynn and kenzie are my fav friendship of the hole show

  35. Nicole says:

    Duets don't mean BFF 🙄

  36. Rupanti Hoque says:

    Maddie betrayed Chloe n became more of a bsf wiv Kalani LIKE IF U AGREE

  37. Gatcha Tea says:

    •0- working at McDonald's
    1-5 rich or famous
    7- 6 Happy with kids husband/wife
    8- Dancer 😘
    9- lots of Freund's pretty and young
    10~ Achieve your dreams , own fashion company

    1-4 kind , silly and goofy want someone to care about you
    5-6 popular and rude . Just want them to get popular as your innocent and young
    7-8 someone who's always there and will love you no matter what
    9-10 shopping buddy ! You want them for money
    0 – no freinds loney

  38. Gatcha Tea says:

    Kelly and Christi are just amazing there partners in crime 💖💕 do moms best freindships thanks darlings !

  39. Sheisy Miranda Gomez says:

    Love Dance moms
    Amo dance moms

  40. Yinka Falade says:

    Kendall and Jojo are friends!?

  41. Noor nasser says:

    Maddie and chloe my fav

  42. Cheyelle Audain says:

    This is so cute love these

  43. Eline1506 says:

    First dance, no judges???? Just to make it look good on tv??

  44. Dia191919 says:

    Did anyone else want to see Pressley and Brady on this?

  45. Weronika Woznica says:

    Who cried when Chloe and Paige danced the duet Wishbone.
    I cried

  46. nick tuber says:

    Kalani and maddie shs best or kendal and maddie

  47. Nikol Bozali says:

    Kenzie and Kendall were bffs to

  48. presh N. says:

    Ngl chloe is everybody's friend no wonder she is nice (and nia)

  49. DrunkenMilkyWay says:


  50. Courtney Paull says:

    Awww! All the girls are so sweet together! The dances are also amazing!! 😍

  51. Stephanie says:

    Season 1 to 3 were the best because those were the times we saw the beautiful sisterhood between the girls

  52. Giselle Villanueva says:


  53. Lýnn says:

    Why's there only Gemini as zodiac dance ;-; Is there Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius etc

  54. etl0919 says:

    Jojo and Kendall ain’t good together

  55. Sarah Hagen says:

    is that jojo?

  56. patrickstar575 says:

    Two sapphires is the duet that broke
    maddie and Chloe. Thanks lifetime.

  57. Olivia Petrowski says:

    Two Sapphires broke Dance Moms

  58. Taylorrose Palmore says:

    Even though Chloe and maddie was close , paige and chloe was bff they had their whole future planned out and was close no matter what

  59. Gacha Kawaii Potato says:

    Love the video, but kind of upset that Kenzie and Nia weren't shown. They're my favourite friendship on the show.

  60. Sayna Sehrish says:

    If abby would have not compare the girls with each other, the friendship would have been even more great.

  61. Believe Aldc says:

    i think lifetime just put all duet partners here

  62. Robert Brereton says:

    Do the girls go to school or are they home schooled

  63. Madison playsRBLOX And more says:

    I liked the two saphhires because its won 1st and Maddie and kalani are really good duet partners

  64. spacehoe says:

    wow, they really put two sapphires there! that duo ruined the whole show and the most beautiful friendship on it, y'all should be ashamed

  65. Jayden Causey says:


  66. Malú Souza says:

    I love this girls so much ❤ This video make me cry 😍

  67. Laureta Irabor says:

    I like Savannah and sharah duet💜💖😍🤩

  68. Emma Ellis says:

    When was this filmed in 2019

  69. Emma Ellis says:

    When was this filmed in2019 or in 2020

  70. Hxneybear says:

    6:58 Wait is that Mrs Miller in the background?

  71. Dornormeyell Jordan says:

    Every time yall look tarbul i can dance better

  72. Phenox Gallardo says:

    You are my friend

  73. mia rodriguez says:

    If some one acts tought you have to act tought to them.

  74. Jessica Boodles says:

    I miss the old team

  75. Ana Banana says:


    2012 edits:

  76. Aaron Capron says:

    I love you 😘

  77. Lorena Krasniqi says:

    Abbys mom was behind her 6:58 why Dident she sitt with her mother

  78. Holton Pepper says:

    Did y'all see that little girl that was just eating while the camera was showing Abby in the first dance they showed haha

    Like if you saw her 👍😜

  79. rajika weligamage says:

    Most of these have Maddie in it 🙄

  80. Little Missy says:

    It’s crazy to think of how quick all the girls from dance moms have grown 🤭

  81. Kelly Butcher says:

    My name is sapphire

  82. 《 XxMoon lightxX 》 says:

    The first duet in Maddie’s turns, she was doing them too fast

  83. clube da Clarissa só sendo divetida says:

    quem fala português brasil da um like no cometario

  84. ptyborn says:

    I believe Abby was made to be a monster for the show. I believe she wasn't evil prior to the show. I don't think she intentionally hurt the kids but people change and fell in love once again with her passion.

  85. Ellan-Rose Caulfield says:

    2 sapphires is so pretty! Kalani and Maddie are so in time with each other, it's beautiful!

  86. sophie bultitude says:

    Ronolld omg

  87. sophie bultitude says:

    Is good I cart stop looking at it

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