MN SLEDS: K-12 Data Marts

Hey I am Robby and I am Isaac. We’re
here to tell you about SLEDS. Minnesota SLEDS is a statewide longitudinal education data system. The sleds project is being created to help identify the most viable pathways for Minnesotans to achieve successful outcomes in
education and work. The sleds data system will enable research to identify predictors of long-term individual success, design targeted program
improvement strategies, improved data driven decision making, and meet federal funding requirements. SLEDs includes data from k-12 education, postsecondary education, and the workforce. For SLEDs to have an impact on the lives of students, educators across the state need to have access to their school and district data. Teachers and administrators and local school districts use secured k-12 reports to better understand their student’s long-term outcomes and improve the
practice and policy with future students. To help get the data back the hands of
educators who need it, SLEDs created a special report for k-12 local education agencies to access de-identified data on their students who graduate or drop out from
high school. This report will allow schools and districts to analyze the data they think is most useful for looking at important issues– like the college and career readiness of their students. This will help answer questions such as: how many high school graduates are involved in college credit accumulating programs
while in high school like advanced placement and postsecondary enrollment? How many high school graduates, proficient in math and reading in high school, needed developmental education
once they enrolled in college? What were the patterns or characteristics of high school students who dropped out of school before graduating? The SLEDs k-12 secured report will help local education agencies identify successful pathways for students. It can also identify where students may need more help completing high school or transitioning to college. By using individual de-identified data
local education agencies can slice and dice the data in a way that’s most useful to them. While protecting the privacy of students by not disclosing any personally identifiable information. So, how can a local education agency get access to sleds k-12 secure report? By filling out a data sharing agreement found on the SLEDs secure reports site. You can access this site by going to the Minnesota Department of Education home page and selecting the data center tab. From there, select the sled secure report link to take you to the SLEDs secure report homepage. Remember, you can always contact SLEDs support for further questions or information. Be sure to keep up with SLEDs. The reports and mobile analytics site are updated regularly. Check out the data for yourself at SLEDs loves feedback, let them know what you think. Also, click the link for more detailed videos on how to use SLEDs products. SLEDs: providing Minnesota answers when needed.

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