‘Miracle On Ice’ 40 Years Later: Team Looks Back On Historic Victory | NBC Nightly News

‘Miracle On Ice’ 40 Years Later: Team Looks Back On Historic Victory | NBC Nightly News

Antonio Breitenberg

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37 thoughts on “‘Miracle On Ice’ 40 Years Later: Team Looks Back On Historic Victory | NBC Nightly News

  1. Seal Man says:

    Let’s goo

  2. Seal Man says:

    Top 3 is me

  3. Doran Vee says:

    They were all on stage at the President's rally in Las Vegas. I still remember them winning. Now they stood on stage with a winner.

  4. Cleveland Girl says:

    I remember my dad being quite upset he wore the United States flag as a Cape and skated around with it after the win

  5. Chris N says:

    Who Do You Play For?!

  6. Lucy Brunson says:

    You can download the file here:
    You can download the file here:
    2020-02-07 13-21-32.JPG
    You can download the file here:

  7. Jordan Chan says:

    Loved them until they attended that Trump rally

  8. Lana Campbell-Moore says:


  9. Rhonda Traywick says:

    God bless the USA! The name on the front is more important than the name on the back!

  10. Michael Berta says:

    Great team! NBC please remember next time to display the player's names being interviewed.

  11. Gerson Pineda says:

    All Trump supporters

  12. Mike Weber says:

    I had lunch with Rob McClanahan once and I wore his gold medal. Then I met John Harrington at an autograph session!

  13. David Ellis says:

    Al Michaels on the 🎤 ! " Do You Believe In Miracles ? ! " 🏒 Gold 🏅 for the 🇺🇸 !

  14. Adam Plentl says:

    Obvious propaganda.

  15. Hayden H says:

    Dis you see those amazing people at the Trump rally? They were ALL wearing a red hat with a slogan "Keep America Great".

  16. john neeley says:

    Just remember people true historic events need to be remembered! But not by FAKE news NBC america HATERS!!!

  17. Smee Again says:

    I saw them at the trump rally in Las Vegas yesterday

  18. Asahel says:

    where is Chex LeMeneux? AKA Roger Smith.

  19. nightwishnemo says:

    Yeah but Russia has been winning ever since, internationally. Half the U.S hockey players are Russian too but they play for Russia when it counts.

  20. Arizona Tea says:

    Just watched a video that had a miracle on ice clip. Searched it up and it turns out today is the 40 year anniversary was today. Wicked

  21. Jersey Joe says:

    Podcast tomorrow on anchor.fm of the Jersey Joe Corner about The Miracle On Ice will be recorded 12pm EST.

  22. Charlie ND says:

    I'm Canadian, but I will always have respect for our neighbours to the south.

  23. David Tosh says:


  24. billy q says:

    it was cold war back then fighting off communism. Now Sanders is bringing communism to America.

  25. Muskie Dave says:

    I was lucky enough to live in Minnesota and watch many of those players develop.Neal Broten was the best player that I ever saw.He was fantastic.

  26. Pico Johnson says:

    I watched most of the Minnesota players in high school play , pavelich , Schneider , Harrington , broten , 1982 eveleth golden bear , shoot the puck eveleth , go bears go

  27. Conjurer Woman says:

    Forty years already? That time went by fast!

  28. Brian McCormick says:

    Truly remarkable 40 years later. Go USA!!

  29. SourDoughBill says:

    United Americans with their win forty years ago and today divide Americans as MAGA-hat wearing old white men. Sad.

  30. Mickey Christian says:

    USA USA USA! 1980s were a great time to be alive!

  31. Jim Santos says:

    I somehow was unaware that this game was tape delayed and got to experience the broadcast as a live event. That Soviet team was so good that they embarrassed the NHL all stars in a tune up game before the Olympics. In my opinion that what was the greatest sporting event upset ever! I was very proud and still am of our U.S. hockey team.

  32. Dmitry B says:

    I was a 9th grade student in a Soviet school and remember it very well. I hated that regime and had been feeling frustration especially when the situation worsened significantly in 1979:
    the authorities sharply increased repression, mass arrests and imprisonments of human rights activists took place;
    emigration, let it was stipulated by many various restrictions, humiliations etc., has been almost completely closed; Soviet army invaded Afghanistan. At the same time, the Western world and the US in particular suffered one defeat after another. And this game became to some extent a turning point: the Red Machine – whether in sports, politics or battlefield – can be beaten! (Of course, there was almost nobody around with whom I could share my joy…)

  33. D T says:

    There was no miracle on ice, just a bunch of Russian sympathizers…

  34. 70wdeluca says:

    I watched this live when I was 11 years old. If you told me that I could only keep 1 memory of sports and all others would be erased, this is the one I would keep.

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