Minnesota SLEDS

Minnesota SLEDS

Hi! I’m Kristen and I’m Isaac. And we’re here to tell you about SLEDS. Minnesota SLEDS is a statewide longitudinal Education data system that was created to help identify the most viable pathways for
Minnesotans to achieve successful outcomes in education and work. The SLEDS data system will enable research to identify predictors of long-term individual success, design targeted program improvement strategies, improve data driven decision making, and meet federal funding requirements. SLEDS includes data from k-12 education, postsecondary, and the workforce. So, what can SLEDS really do? Let’s use an example. We start with a critical policy question. How many Minnesota public high school graduates require remediation or developmental education in college? By linking data from existing systems, we are able to answer that question. 27% of minnesota public high school
graduates enroll in developmental education in the first two years after
high school. SLEDS provides additional context to understand the answer. 85% of developmental education is taught at MnSCU State Colleges. 12% is taught at MnSCU State Universities and less
than 1% is taught at the University of Minnesota. We then link that data and context to policy. MnSCU uses multiple measure to place students into developmental education. SLEDS data and reports also informs state level policy in planning. In the 2015
Minnesota legislative session 12 unique bills were introduced related to developmental education placement, courses, cost to students, and instructional models. SLEDS also provides local information to Minnesotans. SLEDS mobile analytics provides the answers to
critical questions at a local level for students, parents, and consumers. This
system also informs local program improvement and planning by giving local leaders
data specific to their school, district, or college. For example 31% of Central
Senior High School graduates enrolled in developmental education in college
administrators and teachers are able to determine: which of my graduates enrolled in developmental education? What were the classes prior to graduation? Did they receive supplemental academic services such as tutoring? Isn’t this great? There is so much
potential in this information! But this is just a brief example all the cool
things that can happen because of SLEDS. Be sure to keep up with SLEDS, the reports on the mobile analytics site are updated regularly. Check out the data for yourself at sleds.mn.gov. The people behind SLEDS love feedback! Let them know what you think. Click the link for more detailed videos on how to use SLEDS products. SLEDS providing Minnesota answers when needed.

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