Minecraft Creepypasta – “ANNORA PETROVA” #5 (Minecraft Creepypasta Roleplay)

Minecraft Creepypasta – “ANNORA PETROVA” #5 (Minecraft Creepypasta Roleplay)

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Minecraft Creepypasta – “ANNORA PETROVA” #5 (Minecraft Creepypasta Roleplay)

  1. EnderAndMckAttack Productions says:


  2. 404 ooo says:

    hey did anyone see the blood under the carpet that means that the place there in is the xcp place 0_0 if anyone agrees like this comment

  3. Renity-Chan The NekoWitch says:

    Mom's is the worse that's why I like dad's

  4. Laura Berdelman says:

    What size shoe dose she have

  5. Chance Dyches says:

    I need to know how he gets minecraft THIS CREEPY

  6. Godzilla rulers of earth says:


  7. Alaina_6 says:

    Hmmm……i never heard of this story. Interesting.

  8. Ultra NOOB says:

    Two words: douche muffins.(that is all)

  9. Banana Chip gaming says:

    Ma fav

  10. Kaleigh Bennett says:

    😂what's with people walking so slowly 😂😂😂

  11. Minecraft Cupcake says:

    At the end she probably killed her self scared of what would happen to her.

  12. Paige Harris says:

    My mom told me the real life story of this and made me watch a movie/ documentary and I told her that this was made into a scary story and explained it to her XD

  13. MynameMarkus -San says:

    WoW her mom and DaD DieD WoW

  14. erorr_name _not_found says:


  15. Cyrus Kamhea says:

    Have you done clockwork?

  16. Inżynier TV says:

    The serie isnt bad just a lil boring

  17. Paris France says:

    He says you don't need a second pair of eyes you me eye

  18. Cagefreeowl strike says:

    13:55 I couldn't stop chuckling when I saw her face

  19. Fire Tear says:

    Wait I was watching this again and just realized and let me get this straight so annora is being haunted by a future altering Wikipedia ghost because she tried searching up her own name how does that work

  20. Jayden Garrett says:

    the trophy skins were from a mc youtuber named seapeekay

  21. •Ender Chan• says:

    I like this one

  22. Bridgett Bolyard says:

    This is absolutely amazing I love creepypasta and I'm obsessed with this channel

  23. Junz says:

    why do all the voices sound the same

  24. Giodoge Giovanna says:

    Future Diary/Mirai Nikki on steroids

  25. Inspirited Gamer says:

    At This Moment He Knew He [email protected]#ked Up

  26. Michele Curley says:

    Now do slender man

  27. Michele Curley says:

    Next should be slender man

  28. Michele Curley says:


  29. Tiffany T. Martinez Unson says:

    Interesting Stories in Your vids of Cp Roleplay I'm getting Interested right Now

  30. Raven Merchant says:

    I think the scariest part of this episode is that Tommy could read that.

  31. Phoenix Amaku says:

    I am very hesitant on doing that.

  32. pig and friends Channel says:

    People will never look at Wikipedia the same again

  33. Sssasssyparilla says:

    2:24 you only have one eye • •

  34. Fethefirefox Yt says:

    I luv this utube channel

  35. glitch craft says:

    Keep it up cory i watched all of your s.c.p roleplay videos and now i am watching this scary series but still good

  36. naruto nine. tails beast mode says:

    In minecraft everbody look fat but in school bully it Toby is the date then all the rest

  37. FiliperCzech says:

    PRAGUE?! I am from Czech Republic!!

  38. Dragon Raizer says:


  39. DogThatLikesfood says:

    is it just me or does some the music sound like its from undertale but in piano? yes i know it's NOT from undertale. i'm just saying it sounds a little like it.

  40. Norzi Hakimi says:

    She kinda sounds like poppy

  41. FirstMate Wolfie says:

    Its fucking krusty the clown!!!!! 16:20

  42. Microdoofer says:

    she was ugly in real life

  43. Terror Tim says:


  44. Our Final Divine Nightmare says:

    Mind doing lost silver?

  45. Cory The red ball says:

    My name is Corey to

  46. idontknowanymore ;-; says:

    This remind me so much of Yuri on ice

  47. Igor Ko3a4e says:

    You are the best Minecraft role player ever

  48. Marcus Thompson says:

    This was a sad one.

  49. Abi Cuh says:

    can you do slenderman file

  50. Dan Kennedy says:

    Love the RP keep it up you are doing spectacular!

  51. P e a l t z says:

    b i g a s s p h o n e

  52. Cory The red ball says:


  53. Kody Perkins says:


  54. Potato Kyle says:

    Where the animo link

  55. Gody CZLP says:

    This was the most scariest creepypasta for me since I live in czech republic and its capital is Prague

  56. Aiden Hackney says:

    Shit I live in Portland but that’s twisted

  57. Mark and Melissa Kimmel says:

    How is this a creepypasta

  58. TheSaiyanBoy says:


  59. depressed_fox says:


  60. Thegenericdove says:

    This cory seems ever more smart
    Then the one in scp rp

    Probably cause he wasn't exposed to 999

  61. Timothy Torres says:

    What a troubled girl.

  62. Timothy Torres says:

    19:24 That wasn’t Cory?

  63. Jum-B says:

    Please do 1999 next🙏🙏🙏

  64. Bryan Zimmerman says:

    you forgot nurse ann

  65. Lil JUAN CRUZ says:

    The lesson of today folks is…………
    Wikipedia can ruin your life

  66. pro gamer says:

    This series is so entertaining

  67. Gurīn ‘ajia says:

    He’s reading a story which the girl is reading a story about this girl she met before and that girl is narrating her own story

  68. Katakuna says:

    Cory – "Are you sure you don't need a second pair of eyes"
    Me – " you have on eye……"

  69. ETHAN 74 LEGION says:

    Why was my song in my mind in my head! On the Biggin of the story

  70. ProjectSupreme says:

    I need moose milk

  71. Roseabell Wolfs says:

    So she died in the Czech Republic? ( can she speak Czech? If so, Ahoj Annora )

  72. Shawn Gauthier says:

    What are your theories on who or what was causing Annora’s life to be hell?

  73. the Elder Guardian tatarnuk says:


  74. The Black Lizard says:


  75. Melissa Burgess says:

    So cool video 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  76. tetails says:

    Actually in reality, there are a few ice skaters with the last name Petrova, so you never know if this is real or no? Also, there seems to be something shady about, Anora Petrova's coach, that seems to make leads to the issues, behind the Wikepedia entries, that she's been getting so far.

  77. I_ Swallowed_ A_Gun_ Help says:

    The joker

  78. Mykla Metcalf says:

    I do not agree

  79. Mykla Metcalf says:

    Undertale bendy cuphead

  80. arashi gamer says:

    Those parents who dont care what you have to say all they want to hear is that you did it

  81. The_imaginary Zero says:

    I love this series cause it is creepy and it is amazing 😉

  82. Alexandra Sajonia says:

    My favorite creepypasta is sonic.exe because his my favorite one

  83. JustZen says:


  84. Khaye Antiado says:

    slender man is simon

  85. Emerald Digimon says:

    A haunted/cursed Wikipedia page,really

  86. Mark Harrelson says:

    maybe the laughter is the entity that created the haunted wikipedia page

  87. Petrichor Ambiance says:

    LmAOOO I'M LIKE AT THE CLIMAX WHEN CALLS THE PARENTS AND aLmOST AT THE END OF THE music I just hear a sexy saxophone from a Reese's commercial 💀💀

  88. Mythical Ninja says:

    At 2:22 he only has 1 lol

  89. Legos Rock 194514 says:

    Dat cell phone size

  90. Jorie Nwachukwu says:

    Whoever or whatever was creating that (nonexistent) page about Annie must have had some serious grudge against her, either that or it was just the typical malevolent entity seeking to ruin someone's life for the lulz.

  91. IZZY_NOVA32 - says:


  92. Mia Urban says:

    My aunt dawn and my cousins Jacob and scooter whent to prague did anyone know there's a skeleton church well I do Jacob or scooter took pictures and also to a vid of the lake and the rocks in slow motion and we looked at other picks not all from prog some of Disney which I went 5 or 6 times and we where laffing at parts of the pictures the only way I know to to spell Prague was the bag dawn got me from Prague ok now we will talk about some Prague history get out your text books so Prague was once owned by Russia then in world war.II it was owned by Germany it's now it's own country and a part of Germany has a grave that was cramd in a small place which was graves of Jews and there were at least 1000 bodys you may be asking how would there be 1000 bodys all in one small tinny area well tecnicly each grave stone was a apartment what I mean by that is each grave stone would have 10 bodys Stacd on each other and all ten names I would be on one grave stone like the grave stones wernt even nice looking they where uneven bent like some were a 70 degree angle like it looks unstable but sturdy like how dose it look unstable and sturdy well it looks old

  93. Comic Racka says:

    I just started looking at this. The playlist is full of good characters. But why does no one do Nathen the Nobody!?

  94. Sector Į says:

    Should really add x-virus to this story if they can

  95. levi ackerman says:

    What if we all are creepypastas I'm the dragon man also why are the kids holding stuff bigger then them

  96. Cathy Bates-Casdorph says:

    You need another par of EYE,S like he has a camera like plus 1 leans

  97. Thom Elliott says:

    On the Wiki its says she was s selfish little b*tch not lying look it up

  98. Weeb Chan says:

    How the fudge does block people scare me like this?! ;-;

  99. larry playz says:

    This episode is a story in a story real and in the story 👌 nice

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