Michigan native Kyle Mack competes in snowboarding at PyeongChang

Michigan native Kyle Mack competes in snowboarding at PyeongChang

one of our Michigan athletes is already in action snowboarder Kyle Mack from West Bloomfield competes in two events slopestyle and new to the Olympics this year big air he grew up with Shaun White as his inspiration and other teammates and Kyle hopes it’s his turn in the spotlight at age 20 how Mack is our grizzly old veteran of snowboard he got an early start let’s see snowboard like you’re going downhill hands out funny look at cool looking cool looking cool Kyle was 3 years old when he took his first run down the family’s driveway but that soon proved to be boring so his dad helped him raise the stakes they started at 3 we used to drop him off the roof or going on the driveway that’s no exaggeration dad built a jump ramp off the roof of their house a toddler and a career launched at the same time we would start on the top of our roof and drop into a drop-in and then go off a jump and it was like a little 15-foot jump but it was just like the whole experience just be able to chop it off your roof of the house and say you can do something like that is just kind of like really cool experience at age 15 cow became the first snowboarder to ever do a frontside triple rodeo 1440 in competition I don’t even know what that is but it sounds big as you kind of keep growing up in the you know spins you keep getting bigger so I get seven 20s like three full rotations and mostly kids now are doing triple 1440s which is four four rotations so it’s been an existing pretty hectic ramps rails flips fans and twists Kyle has won US and world championships but this is his first Olympics it’s a special honor to wear the red white and blue even more special to have his whole family there to share it with him kind of the first time I’ll have you know both my sister’s my little brother and my parents there so it’s gonna be really exciting and like a lot more pressure I guess but it’s gonna be really cool to have them all there wait a minute having mom and dad there is more pressure than representing the United States on a world stage with billions of people watching you bet it is my dad’s always been my biggest supporter and it’s like he’s always been the person that I’ve always wanted to impress and do good for so you know having him there’s gonna just be you know it’s awesome to have him ever at the same time you know I really wanted just to get it just for him of course Kyle’s goal is to bring home a medal but for mom and dad he’s already one goal and we’re gonna be proud of him no matter what to be an Olympian to make it this far whether he you know metals or doesn’t metal we’re gonna be proud of them you know mom and dad are proud of well the qualifying round was this afternoon for slopestyle Kyle came to his final run meeting a lot of points to make it into tonight’s final his first jump was solid but he knew he needed a difficult and a perfect second jump to have a chance of qualifying but unfortunately he fell all right but Kyle won’t get a chance to compete for medal tonight but he does get another chance in big air which is one of the last events of the Olympics in two weeks Friday’s opening ceremony was

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