so today I’m going to tell you a story
with something like this I started skating around 30 years ago when I first
started scaling everything was like rollerskates right there was no inline
skates back in the early 80s so when I first started I started with
rollerskates then I used rollerskates for speed
skating I started speed skating when I was five and I did till I would till I
was like 18 or something like that and meanwhile when I was fifteen that’s when
inline skating first showed up in Portugal so I started from the beginning
and when I first started inline skating I also started using the streets and
that’s basically when I started Street skating I ended up stop skating with
this I don’t know why and maybe I never thought that I could use these ones
skate streets ramps rails whatever I don’t know I know that I didn’t use them
but I also know that around three years ago in one of my trips to Barcelona to
to ride my bike back then I went that I went to Barcelona to to do a promo for a
newie I remember speaking with the main guard from a new his name is Kenneth he
does a lot of product development for parks lot and I told him I would be cool
if I could get some roller skates and I would I would just try some stuff
because I used to be able to skate them and I remember back in the day like when
I was like 16 17 every time that my inline skates would break I would put my
roller skates on and I would do some tricks I remember back in 96 I could do
unities with roller skates which is when you cross your feet and you slide with
your feet crossed and rails and well from that moment I tried to get some
skates I ended up buying some skates from Toto Gally with fat trucks and
really nice blocks and I started using them and one week later after using them
I I made a little video which I’m gonna put now whoa
big booty bitches big big booty bitches I got big booty bitches big big booty
bitches big booty bitches big big booty bitches and that little video that’s so
so much good feedback and then I heard about this competition in Spain and I
went to that event in Spain and I think I got second or third like after two
three weeks of skating and and that’s when I also that’s when I met Michelle
Michelle Stalin and I was supposed to go to California one or two weeks after
that contest and I did but because I knew Michelle from the week before in
that contest in Spain we ended up connecting in in California and I stay
with her for like two weeks and Michelle told me she really wanted to learn how
to that’s it so I told her I think I know someone in wooden in Woodward that
might be able to let us in and that’s like the perfect place for you to to get
in and and learn how to backflip I’ll go and I’ll spend some time with you and
I’ll make you do I’ll make you back with those ramps and I’ll make you do them
you know how to do it that you’re way better at gymnastics than I am and I can
do backflips so I appreciate you gotta be able to and so we did we went to
Woodward the first two days the main goal was to have Michelle doing a
backflip my biggest dream to learn backflips on
rollers nothing can go wrong now with this like
there’s over rotation nothing else like the thing is you’re speeding already just have no doubt like wipe the tear
away now you got to land it now she did it so is because she’s just amazing on
sketch then we ended up skating a little bit more we ended up skating more ramps
and more different things but I think it was the first time that Michelle Matt
Miguel Miguel Ramos forum Woodward trying to make this country suit trying
to sell my foundations West Krypton
smells nice rather than that
and I know was an eternal eye now they’re like good friends and it’s
cool to see like somehow you’re like the connecting point for friendships and
it’s cool after half the wizard we ended up going to too long bitch and be like
lots of conversations a lot of ideas that we all stuff we wanted to do with
rollerskates we never really started anything
together when it comes to rollerskates but and Michelle is being super
successful in boxing I’ve been working with with the brand that makes these
skates kaya think we we went in different ways but the truth is I think
we both love roller skating and it’s cool to see what Michelle is doing I’m
trying to push further skating in a different way but we’re good friends and
we ended up enjoying some really cool sessions in California she took me to
some really cool spots and your school code ended up meeting
some of my fixed-gear friends and they all wanted to try the rollers case so I
ended up giving my my roller skates to some of the best experience back then it’s so fucking hard I can’t turn these
things dreams 3 and other than that we added up also skating the Venice Beach
skate park you and then it was my last day I wish I
would have stayed longer but the truth is I have never I’ve never came back to
California if if you ask me do I miss it well I like the California weather but I
really live in a place where I can’t complain about weather leaving Cape Town
the weather is amazing I have displays these of this my shop in
a skate park I can’t really complain about live nowadays I might need to
session one of these days in California I might go with my wife which now
rollerskates – and that’s the world it goes around and around and we end up
meeting more people and connecting making friends here making friends there
in the end and all for the same for the love of wheels and vo what do you really
want is to have fun and I think that’s the main reason why we all started and
that’s the main reason why we all do it so I hope you enjoyed this video I’ll be
doing a lot more specially next week I plan on doing some our two videos on
roller skates and by the way I’m gonna meet Michelle soon next month we both
gonna be in Europe they’re gonna let’s see what we do we might be able to get
some some cool stuff together – so if this is the first video that you’ve seen
in these channels subscribe to this channel you might be able to see more of
these roller skating videos inline skate videos bicycle videos my life videos
traveling videos whatever I’m just this is my place I hope you like it if you
don’t sorry about that but if you do make sure you subscribe if you enjoy
this video see you in the next one poof we’ll be there

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Dua lity says:

    This was amazing, so rad to see you ripping on quads! Awesome to hear your history in speed skating too. I am aware of you from aggressive skating but it's been great to follow your journey and see you embracing all types of skating. Big inspiration!

  2. Yorely Muffin X says:

    love this!!

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  4. Chaya Skates says:


  5. Brett Lee Allen-White says:

    Yeow! Thanks for using Past Haunts in the sound track bro. Such a cool video. Definitely going for a skate during my lunch hour now, haha. Inspiration. Michelle Steilen shreds!

  6. SkatePro says:

    All about fun. Period.

  7. Michelle Steilen says:

    Ricardo this was so awesome and you are always so welcome, like all skaters, to come visit us here and skate in sunny CA. All soul skaters have a home in my heart. I do not agree that you are push roller skating in a DIFFERENT way…. pushing skating is pushing skating and though we do it with different companies, we do it with commitment and together 😉 Love you, Lino! and I love your #linolife! Cant wait to skate together in Munich in a couple weeks!

  8. Christian Alivera says:

    wish i wouldve been invited!

  9. Borjka says:

    Hey man 🙂 I'd like to ask you if you know good frame for 72mm aggresive, so i can slide nicely, i've seen few of them but can't find any feedback about how good and quality are those, could you reccomend some ?)

  10. Tenis Dimants says:

    Realy cool to see the whole story. Inspiring video.

  11. Catherine Tuesta says:

    This looks like sooo much fun!!

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    MIND-BOGGLING, thanks for sharing. This was great.

  14. Tribo dos Patins says:

    gosto muito de vídeos também e sempre faço os vídeos quando estou andando de patins.
    🏃 https://youtu.be/Pf6sQBn6UvI
    I love skate

  15. Evelyn y Ana sofia meneses says:

    hola que pena pero creo que te toca traducir porque yo no hablo en englins y pues yo quiero saber donde puedo comprar esos patines de 4 ruedas

  16. Arina Thomsen says:

    She is a star!

  17. Anh Hoang says:

    Hey Lino, what's the earbud hanging on your neck? They appeared in few videos now

  18. cadeyrn pegrum says:

    would love to come to cape town from cape byron 😉 and visit you and your shop and park

  19. Lauren Flanagan says:

    I love this x

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    The Lino Life! Sweet video, and hey I wanna share my new single "Roller Skates" with you. New soundtrack for the next vid! 😉

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    So cool !

  22. Sven Lima says:

    I use 76 mm inline wheels on my quad skates. "The best of both worlds" … Try it out

  23. transce080 says:

    Holy shit, you're badass. Also, Michelle rules and so do Moxi girls in general. 🙂

  24. nate says:

    She's super hot

  25. Mira Soto-Nelson says:

    can you make a video showing how you make the move at 10:36–10:40? it'd be awesome if you showed how to do other cool moves like that but I really want to learn how to do the one I mentioned 🙂 thank you!!! 🙂

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    Music at 6:11 D: please!!!

  27. lonotiki , Shannon O' says:

    absolutly happy to have found and subscribed~
    I just learned to rollerskate over a ramp yesterday~
    I need a helmet.

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    I always found roller skating /
    in line skating very easy and lots of fun.

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    Dos grandes!

  34. Hector Giron says:

    My crush!! Estro jen ruleeeessssss!!

  35. Nancy Gonzalez says:

    haz un video de como frenar

  36. Ruby Shepherd says:

    Just recently found your channel, this video was awesome. I love Michelle 💜

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    pretty rad

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    Is there a single girl that roller skates that doesn’t have a fatty?

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    Hey Lino, I noticed the trucks on Michele's skates were really wide- what's the purpose of that? Thanks

  40. Celina Korin says:

    Wooow She is amazing!!

  41. Saul Garcia says:

    You’re good

  42. Robert Green says:

    Man, im a little older but i started skating when i was a kid but just started again and im now 32. Everybody thinks im crazy. Perhaps a mid life crises! 😂 but i have been studying some of your videos and among the many things i take away besides skill and certain tricks is your rooted foundational principle of the love and its what kept me rooted in all of my ventures like basketball and music. Thank you for your inspiration and im hoping one day i will be fairly good enough and not soo broke to be able to see the other side of the world. Im rican so u know i got the spanish influence with the African ancestry. But major props! ✌ love and unity my brothah. One!

  43. Alex Kim says:

    Love your content Lino, RollerSkating isnt dead!!!

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    The level of drive this woman has is incredibly inspiring. To learn that flip so quickly with no prangs was just amazing; and the bit where she tries to grind and goes down heavy on the steps and carries on to do the move, if I went down like that (in my full protection) I'd need a day off the trick to get my confidence back, lol.

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