MEN’S SOCCER – Pitt Highlights

MEN’S SOCCER – Pitt Highlights

the ACC in 2013. They had not won an Atlantic
coast conference game. Look at the speed of Opoku. Finding some space. Crosses but nothing
there for Virginia. Strikes save made by Outcalt. Aguilar blocked out at front. And Kizza has such a
dynamic physical presence up top for the Panthers. Koffi. Great ball for
Cummings, centered along and punched over the cross-bar. Aguilar let’s it go. And he beat the keeper,
Outcalt, but couldn’t tuck it inside that far post. [INAUDIBLE] down on
the field, I believe, has an update on Eddie Opoku. There’s a chance that Virginia
in front, just like that. [CROWD CHEERS LOUDLY] And, Channing, how about
Raheem Taylor-Parkes? Took him all of 17
seconds while checking into this game to make that
Pitt Panther’s team pay? Yeah, for a team that
has struggled to score so mightily entering tonight. Here’s Crofts. Again, the set up. The follow up! Save made! [? Aftie ?] almost
doubled Virginia’s lead! What a move from Crofts again! Taylor-Parkes! Dexter. Crossing around Nus. All even! It’s Alexander Dexter with an
incredible individual effort. Aguilar with a great touch. And no whistle! Aguilar! Save made, Outcalt! To a very good
Duke team next week to finish out the season that
they need to find the goal. They need that three
points tonight. Crofts knocked down by Outcalt. Look to get a little bit tired
there after the run forward. Koffi. Still on the move, Koffi! The winner! Wow. Channing, you are not going to
see a better goal in college soccer than what you just
witnessed from Jean-Christophe Koffi. He absolutely hits a screamer
into the left top corner.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. JZMUSIZZ - says:

    Great win Hoos!!

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