Meet Chloe Kim, the Snowboarder Who Makes the Halfpipe Look Easy | NYT – Winter Olympics

[music] “Chloe Kim is, in my opinion,
the best women’s halfpipe rider alive right now. I think she’s the
most promising talent we’ve seen in the halfpipe,
regardless of her age, in the last 15 years. She’s the real deal. Like, 100 percent.” “No one really rides the same. It’s always different,
and it’s always changing. That’s what makes
snowboarding so interesting.” “You look at her and you’re
like, oh, she’s just cruising. The next thing you know,
she’s 10 feet out over the lip of the halfpipe. She’s had a tremendous amount
of success at a very young age. In that regard, she’s pretty
similar to Shaun White. In another regard, she’s very
similar to one Kelly Clark. They’re both groundbreaking,
dominating snowboarders.” [music] “Chloe is one of the
only pipe riders I’ve ever seen that
can blend technicality and amplitude equally. So she’s got amazing style. She chooses to do
really technical tricks, which the judges tend to like. She’s just an
evolution of how far pipe riding has come since
snowboarding first started.” [music] “I remember seeing it and
kind of being in shock. Like, that’s wild that
she just took it there, kind of out of nowhere. It is almost like
leapfrogging two full levels and just setting the bar
at such a high standard.” [music] “It’s a very committed
thing to do, and it requires a lot of
courage and a lot of guts.” “It’s a spectacle. I mean, it’s a fantastic
athletic achievement.” “We learned how to
snowboard together. We both had no idea
what we were doing.” “At the time, I see the film
for the women snowboarding. Normally they
mostly spin one way. She has to spin four ways. It’s just common sense.” “That was enormous. And a cab three. Chloe Kim— ” [music] “Chloe was too young to
go to the last Olympics. But if she were
eligible, I think she might have
won the gold medal.” “I always compete with myself. Like, O.K., how can I do
better than my last run? Or how can I do better
than I did in training? It’s just always
trying to improve. Focus on yourself and
do the best you can.”

Antonio Breitenberg

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