MBAC Story: Summer – An SDSU student who discovered surfing

MBAC Story: Summer – An SDSU student who discovered surfing

Hi, I’m Summer Williams I’m a student at San Diego State University I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I wanted to come to San Diego because I wanted something different. There are days when it’s like sunny out here at home I’m pretty sure it’s snowing right now. All my friends are jealous. They- they envy the fact that I get to surf and they don’t. I’m a pre-bio major and with that I’m taking a lot of science classes. Having such a heavy load I wanted to have a class to look forward to that way I can be like, “Okay, like I have school and I have a test”. But, then this, I can have fun with it, but I’m also taking it for a credit. I’m kind of like lucky to be able to take it for credit. I get participation points that’s gonna help my GPA. The instructors are very helpful. they’re willing to help you, they’re there if you need them. They encourage you, they push you. When I first got out here on the water, I got an adrenaline rush, like it was exciting But then there are times when I’m “Okay I don’t know what to do when this wave comes Like, what am I supposed to do?” But they’re watching you if anything happens like, I know they have me. But at the same time, like, they want you to have fun, too. Every Friday this is something I look forward to, I’m like. “I’m going surfing”. I want to master the water, like I want to be out there and be able to surf! And then when you’re past like the break – the impact zone and it’s just calm water, it’s very, like serene. A lot of schools don’t have a program like this. Being able to be involved in a class like this enhanced my college experience in a magnificent way. I feel lucky. It’s exciting, it’s fun. You have so much fun! Like, I can’t get away from that word, “fun” because it’s great! Like, why wouldn’t you take it? Why wouldn’t you?

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