Friends supporters, trading cards collectors and other crazy round-ball enthusiasts,
greetings! Welcome to the third issue of Bleeping Relics Issue under the sign of
“French’s favorite sport” football. Indeed, the Bleeping Relics
team was fielded and unearthed for you a game manufactured
by Mattel Electronics: Soccer. “Soccer” being the appellation given to football
in a place where the word “football” refers to a form of rugby
played in hockey gear… But we confess not to know
much in sport. Released in 1978 the machine belongs to one of the first
generation of handheld electronic game. It is therefore by no less one
of the first soccer simulation and even just sport. Note that Mattel Electronics
released in the same period a fairly copious series of sport games as here using LED technology. Including a game named “Football”. 😉 Now discover whether this
sport simulation attempt is fair to the subtlety of soccer. On the field, of course, two teams Home and Visitor. Kickoff of the first
half-time by Visitor! At the crossroads between
console and team-play, “Soccer” seems to be a 2 player game Indeed, the hand passes consecutively
from “Visitor” to “Home” whether a goal is scored or
even when the ball is kicked out. This during the two halves of 45 minutes, contracted by 2 times counting 5 minutes
and 20 seconds. Already long. The manual says, however, that
each half lasts 4 minutes. First goal, Visitor scores. 1 to 0. Controls, consisting of
4 directional buttons, can lead the attacker only represented by a led
slightly brighter than those from the 5 defenders and
goalkeeper of the opposing team. The player with the ball at his feet
– Either attacker or defender – is also highlighted. At both sides of the directional buttons, there are two buttons that perform
each exactly the same function, namely shooting. Back then, Some designers
of electronic games were very caring for ambidextrous. you will see that Soccer is not the only vintage game
having this feature! If you play it with a friend, you will have no other choice but to give all
your team defensive to the game machine, and can only rely on the lack
of dexterity of your opponent, then alone against the computer, to hope that his shot will be deflected
by the brilliant defense – defense that represents
you until the next round-up – so you can retrieve the hand and try
your turn to score against the machine. By cons, playing it alone
as in this case, requires an almost surreal
impartiality with oneself because you have no other choice but to
favoring one or the other team against the electronic defense. Pending consideration and
statistics of this non-sense, let’s look on the match.
Or rather half of a match. Indeed, with a half-court and the restricted ability to
control a single attacker only, the game should have been called
“goal attack” or “Alone on the grass.” So you will need a lot of imagination
to feel the thrill of the field while playing Mattel Electronics Soccer. “Atarinho rushes forward…” “A golden opportunity
he could not take” “Even though we are here
dealing with players … ” “…whom have everything to blow the lock.” “And another goal from Mattelazzi …” “… truly in great shape today.” “N’gen Boi, who is still recovering
from a thumb injury. ” “Another beautiful move
unfortunately cleared out!” “Whistle of the referee” Really exciting! Soccer, very archaic handheld limited in its gameplay, has at least disclosed the secret
of its preservation. Probably after two or three match, the game quickly returned to his
box in favor of a real ball. Mmmmmh… This melody sounds familiar. Mattel has released an enhanced version
of the game, simply called “soccer 2” therefore displaying a full court. Maybe Bleeping Relics will comment
this return match in a few centuries. “Beginning of the second half” “Maybe the defense of Visitor
will weaken and that the… ”

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. quaxk says:

    pourquoi tu embrouilles la montre?

  2. Hamadryous says:

    Ce swag de gamer

  3. BleepingRelics says:

    Je préfère ne pas tenter le diable avec cette marque de montre très populaire. C'est une erreur de tournage que je ne ferai plus ^^.

  4. M1THR1L says:

    Excellent boulot, c'est un plaisir pour les yeux et les oreilles !

  5. BleepingRelics says:

    Merci 🙂

  6. Wnir says:

    Great analysis as per usual.

  7. Ray Cumberledge says:

    Which one of those dots is Eden Hazard?

  8. RetroMicky82 says:

    Thank you for the sub .

  9. BleepingRelics says:

    Thank you too 🙂

  10. DJGooseBucket says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The title is in English
    Why aren't you

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