Massive rogue wave injures crowd at the Maverick’s Surf contest on 2/13/10

Massive rogue wave injures crowd at the Maverick’s Surf contest on 2/13/10

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93 thoughts on “Massive rogue wave injures crowd at the Maverick’s Surf contest on 2/13/10

  1. sekkha says:

    you fucking nazi burn in hell jewkiller

  2. D Star says:

    Dude! where's my board?

  3. Aaron Doud says:

    shut the fuck up you little ignorant bitch.

  4. jjmdavo says:

    zoom out so we can see everything

  5. poop stain says:

    clean that cesspool of vendor booths

  6. Ms.gshunw says:

    Not a humane reaction to people getting hurt. Even if they were warned.

  7. SLADE says:


  8. Ryan Callas says:

    And now they Sue the Ocean

  9. BlueSeaWendy says:

    Viscious idiots laughing. I surf in SC and see those types all of the time. Karma will get them! Innocent people who didn't know trusted the event organizers. No one should EVER laugh when people get hurt. Mean nasty spiritless ghosts.

  10. Alex Scorp says:

    look at all that trash flowing back into the ocean

  11. albatored says:

    Because they are high…

  12. HBCult says:

    i guess thats the dangers of standing and watching big waves.

  13. chema mendez says:

    lol what a stupid p people

  14. jennifer says:

    Chill out Kevin !

  15. Rebecca Parker says:

    i agree move the fuck back or get wet.

  16. Julien Chateauneuf says:

    rogue wave? looks more like regular ebb and flow. they were just set up too close

  17. NatsTown2K10 says:

    We can now relate to the people of Banda Aceh……..

  18. Joe Schmo says:

    Gee lets see. Massive waves are coming in so, I'll sit precariously on jagged rocks and hope for the best. What a bunch of dumb asses!

  19. Skaatje says:

    Because people are shit. Nothing more to it.

  20. Rodd Banas says:

    Because they enjoy the surf contest.

  21. Sam R says:

    Because they didn't think anyone got hurt, and they were laughing at the fact everyone got wet?

  22. Steve Pacheco says:

    surfing is all about getting wet

  23. psic88 says:

    I think it's if they don't know people are hurt plus they are feeling shock and relief.

  24. Allison Taylor says:

    Hope there was no small kids in the crowd ….

  25. Digital Goddess says:

    what's funny about that?? i dont understand why these people laugh

  26. Kamelhaj says:

    Surf's up!!!

  27. DJ D!TCH says:

    Because people are dumb enough to stand @ the sea when it storms XD

  28. Rico Suave says:

    fall on your arse and I'll tell you.

  29. Albert Woudenberg says:

    i suppose you have never seen jackass or America's funniest home video?

  30. Michael-Francis Polios says:

    fuck it, now we invade the ocean

  31. Hayd says:

    rogue wave??????

  32. Steve Bennet says:

    I couldn't laugh if somebody's body was dragged into the ocean…

  33. Loathsome Luna says:


  34. tankmaster1018 says:

    If Tom Cruise was there he would find a way

  35. spookyben says:

    All that wet chron!!!

  36. says:

    man if i was there i would be sooooo wet …..

  37. CooManTunes says:

    HA stupid humans.

  38. uKNO_ ToxicOSK says:

    Lol fail

  39. Jim Harris says:

    Moonstone Beach in Cambria,Ca. is nicknamed "Body Snatchers" because unsuspecting flatlanders get caught by surges from big sets of waves. It often is as calm as a lake for 30- 45 minutes, then 8-12 big waves hit and clean the beach like a tsunami.

  40. F Stanz says:

    Always good to have a bunch of PA & other electronic gear next to a giant body of water with everyone walking around barefoot.

  41. spunkweed69 says:

    Would of liked to of seen that wave rolling in.

  42. CooManTunes says:

    Never said I didn't do stupid things also….

  43. Bondo says:

    Greenie stoners are the biggest polluters of all.

  44. Bondo says:

    God and mother earth washing away homosexuals

  45. Youcan't .Beserious says:

    LOL! God you are stupid.

  46. PROJECT28X says:

    Is this just really ironic? Surfers going to watch people ride big waves getting battered by the thing they came to see?

  47. Yugan Dali says:

    You wanna see some surf? Okay, HERE's some surf!

  48. LCA says:

    love this comment!

  49. ThePandemic101 says:

    "We be surfers." "We iz dumb dumb."

  50. samy sam says:

    what a fucking dirty comment u hav add its same u com from dirty family

  51. Lusciious Liina says:

    I wish it would've showed the wave too…Looks like it was a big one

  52. Bud Manthey says:

    LEARN TO ZOOM OUT !!! . Give Us some perspective . !!! You should be banned from ever holding a camera again !!!!

  53. imallpissedoff says:

    It's obviously because of climate change !! We're all going to die !! AAAAHHHH !!!

  54. Daryl C says:

    Love where I live…HAHAHAHAHA

  55. Daryl C says:

    There is no god dude…wake thee fuck up

  56. Carey Mason says:

    Did the injured get crowded?

  57. jayanne John says:

    poor peeps

  58. tedGEGI says:

    Injured? So where are the ambulances? Maybe their pride was hurt.

  59. causeitsthere says:

    the oceans like a woman, never turn your back on her

  60. Juan José Del Pino Rivas says:

    0:20 Looking at the courage of those brave warriors hahahaha

  61. jebes909090 says:

    Enjoy bathing in that fukushima radiation.

  62. krakatoa1200 says:

    I can't believe theses guys were laughing.

  63. IgnacioAgramonte says:


  64. Oskar Sjostedt says:

    Pessoas se machucaram e os bobos rindo. 

  65. Sophie Koßmann says:

    Alter wie kann man da lachen ? 🙁

  66. Giovanni Shoxx says:

    fucking idiots!!!! why see if anyone's hurt when we can just laugh about everyone getting wiped out by the break

  67. cuteus51 says:

    not rogue waves, sneaker waves. per NOAA's definition

  68. Jeff H says:

    Good place to run a metal detector over, later on.

  69. Rod Templar says:

    Those jackasses were told not to stand there. Some wet back bitch broke her leg and sued the city of HMB.

  70. Belmont79 says:

    Why do people laugh when others are being hurt? Jerks!

  71. tristan ro says:

    I bet if you retards were in their position you wouldn't be laughing, fucking scum of the earth

  72. Keith T says:

    Shouldn't build their shit on the beach…. it's fucking dumb.

  73. Gloria Torres says:

    Hbo movies

  74. Brylen Pimentel says:

    Mini tsunami in 2010

  75. Flower says:

    Some people are so damned ignorant. That wave was strong enough to kill someone if it rammed them into metal. Jesus some morons will laugh at anything.  I was concerned and they're laughing. Idiots. Bet they wouldn't laugh if it happened to them. I am astounded at the stupidity of some human beings. Laughing and clapping..OMG!!! Retards.

  76. DLSea Music says:

    Welp… They were told several times not to do that. If anyone got seriously hurt, that'd suck… but it's their own fault!

  77. Rieksfier says:

    Stanley Roberts brought me here.

  78. Leif Gw Persson says:

    IT is tsunami

  79. Lydia Whetstone says:

    I don't care what warnings were given out, you don't laugh at people getting hurt, unless you're sick in the head or a sadist. You tell a 6 year old not to get up on a table, she does it anyways, falls and breaks a leg or hits her head and is knocked out with blood pouring from her head, are you going to just laugh at her and walk away?

  80. oscillatine says:

    I am afraid not to understand what a surf contest exactly is, in this case. People have to stay on a shore and wait for a huge wave to surf on ?

  81. PLAYERJLC says:


  82. Sandra Bonner says:

    d00d… all they wanted was a tasty wave and some cool bud!

  83. sdq sdq says:

    idiots ,littering the sea

  84. Anissa Laloui says:

    سبحان الله. يصفقون للخطر و يضحكون بدلا من ان يقشعروا و من معجزة الله. مجانين و بي امتياز

  85. Elbert Derf says:

    none of you assholes have said anything about the video…

  86. TRAP F says:

    Stupid human

  87. Keith Purdue says:

    Unfortunately, few surfers study the floor around there. As a result, several die every year. When l surfed, there were only a couple dozen of us and the crowds were small. No big resorts, no huge crowds. And to go out you have to be towed. The waves have too much force to paddle -out.

  88. Try Thinking For a change says:

    typical fools, laughing while people may have been injured. USA USA USA

  89. ryan thesurfman says:

    how many people got hurt that day…..lucky nothing else happened,hoped they learn something on that day, won't be so lucky next time.

  90. tcladyt584 says:


  91. Volkmar Uder says:

    Silly enough

  92. TPQ1980 says:

    Feeding the whales a bit more plastic!

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