Masha and The Bear – Song of Skates (Holiday on Ice)

Masha and The Bear – Song of Skates (Holiday on Ice)

SONG OF SKATES The ice rinks on the river,
They glimmer, and they shimmer. Grownups stay home and shiver,
But the kids all run away. They put on skates and go
To dance under the snow, Then they transform, as they perform the beautiful
ballet. The snowflakes in the air,
Like silver stars they glare. Go there if you dare,
If you care to join the play. Tie laces on your new skates,
Then go meet your playmates. Before you know, you’re good to go and skate
the fancy way. Let’s have the festive music
And songs that are amusing For all of us to dance and sing And celebrate this day. The kids
have fun and feel great, They smile and laugh as they skate. They have a blast as they run fast and as they sway away.

Antonio Breitenberg

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