Masaaki Koyama: The Surfing Sushi Chef | Discover Tasmania

Masaaki Koyama: The Surfing Sushi Chef | Discover Tasmania

MAN 1:
I go to Hobart Farm Gate Market
every Sunday. I want to make really fresh
sushi rolls for each person. At the end of the day,
it’s just so exhausted, but it’s really, really fun. My name is Masaaki Koyama, I’m a surfing sushi chef
in Geeveston, Tasmania. I grew up in the countryside,
Sasebo, Osaka in Japan. One day my father took me
to sushi restaurant when I was 12 years old
and I thought, “Oh, this is a really cool job.” In 2009, I did
a local vegetable sushi stall. It was very, very popular. So I thought, “Oh, maybe I can do something
in Geeveston.” Geeveston is located
in south of Tasmania. I open sushi shop
Friday and Saturday from 11:30 until we sell out. We usually sell out before 2:00 and then I go surfing. Surfing Tasmania is beautiful,
it’s really good, not so crowded
and beautiful clean water. Please come to Geeveston
and stop, have a look around. If you want to eat sushi,
please come before lunchtime.

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