Manchester United vs. James Corden & 100 Kids

Manchester United vs. James Corden & 100 Kids

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Manchester United vs. James Corden & 100 Kids

  1. Verrel Barus says:

    MOTM=Juan Mata
    * If LLSFC win *
    MOTM= child

  2. Claudia Villatoro says:

    Love MATA!

  3. Epic Gamer says:

    I just feel bad for the benched kid

  4. Moses Chitalu says:

    Also a man hahaha

  5. Canal Copo Cheio says:

    The guy celebrating like he did a goal at the champions league final 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Cladrastis says:

    None of these men are with Manchester United any more.

  7. avichal khandelwal says:

    What if one of the kids were Liverpool fans and injured the players deliberately?

  8. Kim Young Jin says:

    Yeah where did he get the 100 kids from? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Vania Orozco says:


  10. Ryan Je says:

    I have never heard of Manchester United. I assume they are a soccer team somewhere in Europe.

  11. Sam Matthews says:

    With the way man United are playing this season. I think three kids could beat Manchester United

  12. Oussama Kebaili says:

    God this is awkward

  13. Wesey Sabok says:

    This is one of the confusing game in the history of football😂😂

  14. Neetha George says:

    Stalling?really?the kids play better

  15. motchieus says:

    This is so cuuuute!!!

  16. Rakan Areekan says:

    This reminds me of the fifa mini players glitch

  17. 폭셜록 says:

    British jokes make me laugh

  18. Sergenowe Hopweres says:

    lovely. Thank you. Basketball is the best. 🙂

  19. Farid Pahlevan says:

    Corden should have been substitute with 7 child 😂

  20. The looney life Looney says:

    I love Liverpool there the best

  21. Clara López says:

    Real Madrid is my team

  22. Rayen veerman says:

    “This is the only moment we pay them respect”
    It actually was the last time their playing style deserved it

  23. Dan Fang says:

    Nr. 69 almost got kicked by Mata on that last goal, but he can be proud to wear the number of the weebs

  24. Piotr Koźlik says:

    Mistrzostwo 🙂 😀

  25. Juan TooCool says:

    If they that united why only 3 show up? 😂

  26. Rodrigo Silva says:

    Did anybody notice that James shorts were from West Ham United?

  27. Tiago Miguel says:

    4:09 Neymar? Is that you?

  28. Zingu says:

    2:27 Smalling still gets dispossessed

  29. Abhinav Surendran says:

    Sack ole.! Ole out.!!

  30. I like Green says:

    Imagine if the kids surrounded man u and were free to goal until time runs out.

  31. Cladrastis says:

    I Love this video. Cordon has another video with ManUtd also awesome!!

  32. Cladrastis says:

    I saw #1 I wonder if that was JC kid or if he was just the youngest player.

  33. pichayoot achariyakaroon says:

    2:26 am I the only one who got that pun

  34. A human says:

    Now only smalling is in man utd. Wow times have changed

  35. S M says:

    Being a Man Utd fan gotta say:-
    This was the last time when Man Utd defeated anyone

  36. Zac MORRISON says:

    Welcome back to YouTube Recommendations, Today on YouTube Recommendations


  37. Mohamed Uzair Sait says:

    Hahaha lol this is epic

  38. Richard Kovanda says:

    this is hilarious as hell!

  39. Juan Ascencio says:

    This is kool

  40. jack alex says:

    Offside they can't even spell Offside LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂

  41. SaltyBoi UWU says:

    This doesn't aged well

  42. theSquirrel Gamer says:

    Zlatan: im the best player in the universe.
    James: bringing the kids in

  43. sk maseehullah says:

    The concept itself was funny.

  44. Palati Watt says:

    The cutest football team in the world. 😘⚽️

  45. Ron Kajawo says:

    Hahaha okay this is hilarious

  46. Juntti says:

    Imagine being the one kid to wear the 69 kit

  47. Khadija Ghaly says:

    Remember when they were good 🙂

  48. Andris Reddevil says:

    4.11 good tackle🤣

  49. ThunderGaming says:

    well they honestly belong in that league, they're shit anyways, comr on city! 😉😂😂

  50. Internote Records says:

    Corden alone would be a challenge for United these days

  51. faisal sultan says:

    These days they'd, lose to 10

  52. Youngninja_17 says:

    3 kids could beat Man U now

  53. Patscode says:

    manchester is so bad they had to play against kids

  54. jack kelly says:

    Stole this from Liverpool.

  55. THE WHITIGER says:

    Mindblowing game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Ariel Nunes says:

    that's why I prefer English people than american hahahahahaha these guys really love soccer

  57. leon majoni says:


  58. FIP Official says:

    Hahah so funny
    I am afraid to hurt the kids, but i am not afraid to hurt james hahahaha lol

  59. Roy Long says:

    just head the ball the entire time

  60. SIMPLE VIEW CLAN kansai says:

    Kids exist

    James cordon:im bout to end these men's whole career

  61. Ram Sundaram says:

    Y'all think Jose mourinho's harsh words were scripted. They're probably not. He's always like that.

  62. MrDXB says:

    Did better than some clubs against man united

  63. Harry Estilos says:

    One big kid and 100 kids

  64. Harry Estilos says:

    Yeah 2:33
    Portugal is proud, José Mourinho…

  65. Harry Estilos says:

    I love the way he say "José Mourinho"
    Josea Marinhuo

  66. Its Cudad says:

    If it was now James could probably win over Them alone

  67. HekkiePlays says:

    Cancer United…
    kanker united

  68. joshua avis says:

    Can you do chealse vs 100 kids

  69. Yo Rk says:

    I dont know james corden haha


    Who else celebrated the Mata goal thinking he scored against Manchester city 😀😀😀😀😀

  71. Mr Bebop says:

    Now do 100 pros vs 3 kids.

  72. Kevin Samuel says:

    So cute 😍, they just wanted to have a good time with the boys

  73. Bless Plays Cool games says:

    1000 years of experience vs like 100 years of experience.Wow 100 💯 years of experience won

  74. Adam Murry says:

    How old are these kids

  75. agasttya dixit says:

    That subbed kid…..

  76. Alvaro Garcia says:

    This is soooo 2019 that hurts XD

  77. good stuff says:

    This just made my evening

  78. Cameron Hill says:

    Come on you ions

  79. shaiz lygo says:

    A group of goalkeeper s

  80. Jack Buckland says:

    How many goalies were there

  81. Derrick Muchiri says:


  82. Raul Claros says:

    All the names he said that are not their standard is a big lie

  83. Ultimate MeLyon says:

    nowadays 9 kids and james corden could defeat the whole man u squad

  84. Manav Parmar says:

    Some of the best man marking i have ever seen in my life😂😂

  85. richard MUFC RED ARMY GGMU says:

    Did Jose say press them😂

  86. one true God Soldier says:

    hahahaaa…. very good video 😉

  87. Oliver Jarrett says:

    leeds are we

  88. Kevin Garcia says:

    That tackle though 🤣🤣

  89. G8 8 says:

    Player 7, his shirt almost cover from top to toe hahahahah

  90. tjay jay says:

    A hundred kids where did they get a huNdRed kids fRoM

    Chris smalling

  91. tjay jay says:

    4:34 that one guy in the stand

  92. C0ldest BOT says:

    Number 29 is sick 😂🤘

  93. Alg says:

    Why did the kid have to sub if James was gonna play goalie😂

  94. MaLhen Zuñiga says:

    "And there's James Corden, also a man…" 😂😂😂

  95. Juan Cano says:

    awww the kid celebrating with manu, beautiful

  96. Saki Ronaldo says:

    Waaaaahht AC Milan ? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Inter Mailand

  97. gabi v says:

    1.4K a$$oles disliked this, you gotta be "Kidding" me. I feel sorry for each one of them, life sucks for you!

  98. Alpha Evo says:

    2 out of these 3 players left united

  99. Crimzon Knight says:

    Whoever got 69 gotta be happy

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