Man cited $200 for surfing Makapuu waves

Man cited $200 for surfing Makapuu waves

hurricane powered waves proved costly for at least one surfer at Makapu’u. This photo.. Creating a stir on social media… — OUT of the water. The Department of Land and Natural Resources says its officers cited the man seen here — for SURFING. DLNR says you CAN’T DO THAT in this area of the water. The “swimming and body-boarding” ONLY zone runs from Makapu’u point to the beach park building. It’s a rule that’s been in place since 1994– to keep swimmers safe. Witnesses say the man was catching waves outside the zone yesterday BEFORE lifeguards were on duty. However — the DLNR says surfing in “NO SURF ZONES” is prohibited — ALL THE TIME — not just when lifeguards are working. The DLNR says it’s officers gave the surfer a 200-dollar- ticket.

Antonio Breitenberg

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1 thought on “Man cited $200 for surfing Makapuu waves

  1. Scott woodrich says:

    even when there r no lifeguardz? Bullshit bro

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