Making The World’s First Male Sex Doll | Slutever

Making The World’s First Male Sex Doll | Slutever

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Making The World’s First Male Sex Doll | Slutever

  1. VICE says:

    Karley visits Sinthetics, one of the most acclaimed sex doll makers in the industry. Oh and they’re also known for their invention of “the vajankle,” a silicon foot with a vagina built into the ankle, which went viral for obvious reasons.

    WATCH NEXT: The Mobile Love Industry –

  2. Donald Culp says:

    Not gonna work for most women. They are way more emotional about sex and a doll offers Zero emotion. Hard for a woman to orgasm unless she’s totally comfortable with the doll environment

  3. Sukhwinder Singh says:

    Becomes sexy video in your country. you get me work in it im india boy my age 26

  4. M.MUSAB AwAn says:


  5. Chris Biltz says:

    westworld 1.0

  6. rockmanman says:

    What fucking losers! Lmao Congrats on doing it for equality. It doesn't suprise me women are so interested tho since they use technological vibrators and drills so often nowadays.

  7. Amber Hernandez says:

    I wan one man. Are not do it for me.

  8. ScaryTaco says:

    What is the name of the song?!

  9. Grace Wang says:

    DAMNNN those male dolls look so real !!! esp on the first scene… please make the robot version out of these dolls !
    If you wanna have sex and don't wanna care about pregnancy or disease, use it!

  10. Jos Ron says:

    I bet you said most of those male dolls are being purchased by gay men

  11. Inder S says:

    Why the fuck do women need a fake male doll? Wtf all they have to do is go out looking pretty and sexy and get a fat instantly.

  12. Ilma Soares Vieira says:

    This male sexual doll looks like Van Gogh. i guess the creator inspired in The famous painter Van Gogh.

  13. Jseven Sung says:

    We need women doll rights

  14. Jseven Sung says:


  15. Funkteon says:

    Notice how all of the male dolls have 7 inch (or more) penises.. The reason they do this is because 99.99% of all women can easily take a 7 inch penis, and almost every woman has slept with a guy who's about that size and bigger at least once, and they want that experience again after years of having to put up with four to six inch penises..

  16. Reinalyn Suyom says:

    Is this the black mirror episode?

  17. Ahmed Hassan says:

    It's like the customer calls you back, hey the Dick just fall down, I need a refund WFT !?
    If you work there, someone calls you, Hey let me call you back finishing those balls for client 😀

  18. 앨리시아남편하튜 says:

    한국에서 유일하게 신더렉스인형 소유하고있는게 저에요.

  19. Abishek chhetri says:

    When humans fall in love with silicon

  20. Akhi Akhi says:

    I am excited🌽🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌😃😄😄😃😃😃😃

  21. Done With Women says:

    Proof that women are also done with men. 😂

  22. Oliver McCloid says:

    Does somebody maybe have the link to the site where they’re sold ?

  23. JAS says:

    How the hell did I end up here? I typed in new Critters movie where a Critter has sex with a human woman and I end up here. Thanks YouTube for sending me to the weird zone again.

  24. Sharon Cooper says:


  25. roblox oofer kid says:

    I just came for the comments

  26. Miguel tvid says:

    Can I use one as a punching bag?

  27. Little Sex Dolls says:

    Realy nice male sex doll.

  28. I am raja says:

    What is the name exactly

  29. BRIAN THOMPSON says:

    Try me

  30. Skitzo says:

    Weird nothing beats the real thing

  31. Erin Hansen says:

    Damn she really liked fucking that doll

  32. Sri Oktavia says:

    Xnxx and soap is enaugh.

  33. عاشقة الورد says:


  34. જયરામ,રામરામરામ જયરામ,રામરામરામ says:


  35. You thought it was you’re dentist But it was me DIO says:

    Machines get laid more than us ngl

  36. Alejandra Venegas says:

    I just got a great idea!! I'm getting Jimin from BTS!!!!!

  37. HARSH TRUTH says:

    Men destroying men
    Future is just lonely place 😅

  38. philip J Dry says:

    This is what is going to happen:

    Everyone will but multiple human robots, or least one. And they will help you in everything, from warming your bed, to warming your meals, they will help wiyh groceries, balancing your budget, finding the best deals and managing your home, weekend plans etc. They will be the next revolutionary tech item.

    You will wake up next to one, go to work, and come home with them ready to provide for your every need. But you will always know they aren't real, most of your time will be spent with them and it will make you happy, but we all want real. So when the work week is done, we will all leave them at home and go to find the real opposite sex, and connect

    People will still still marry, have babies. Have sex, just out work weeks won't be as lonely and painful as they are now

  39. Ashish Mandage says:

    She seems satisfied

  40. Betty Ware says:

    I'm at least 105, 110 bloated and I can't be lugging around dead weight especially 105 pounds. And 13,500….I barely make that in a year, if not that at all. 🤦🏾😂
    And this Vajankle….what next, a foot with a dildo on the ankle? Dildanko? Lol

  41. Swedish says:

    Where do i sign up for this job?

  42. Swedish says:

    She was perfekt for this reportage

  43. New Beginning says:

    How do i contact them??

  44. Dragon Gaming says:

    081230030298 WhatsApp

  45. youutubestinks says:

    sick sick sick… that lady should have urgent therapy

  46. marie-france eloy says:

    C'est un fantasme, c'est ça qu'on nous a caché ? Du plastique qui ne te dit rien, c'est comme quand tu étais petite et que tu t'amusais avec la poupée Ken..Pas beau dans ta tête ma fille..Tu peux bien parler contre la procré ton père et ta mère n'avaient pas été de ce monde, tu ne serait pas là pour sire des conneries oui ..Ça c'est ce qui est malheureusement la réalité..Je ne voudrais pas être ta fille en tous les cas !

  47. Boo boo Kitty says:

    Michigan and Minnesota aren’t republican states 🙄 @ 4:08

  48. Malcolm Mutambanengwe says:

    At 15:30 it looks like Karley wanted to touch "it"

  49. Rosegold Beats says:

    How is this allowed and scare pranks not?

  50. Ostap Bender says:

    Disgusting and decadent perversions like in the fall of Roman empire! Enjoy America!
    3 billion men, and you need a doll 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  51. Silver says:

    That lady at the end seems like a psychopath.

  52. فروحي محمد says:


  53. Precious Pixie says:

    That Lady Is Sick Right Now, Like She Had Sex With A Male Robot!

  54. Peter Scherschligt says:

    Minnesota is a liberal state

  55. Glenn Johnson says:

    Why do they assume all of the customers are women. Gay men would love this.

  56. Kamol Nematzoda says:


  57. The Diary of Survivor says:

    I just think horror movie…how if the doll suddenly wake up and make love but after that "he" kill this woman. Scarry…😳😱

  58. Rajath Shetty says:

    Pls will you fuk me

  59. Rick Rudimentary says:

    Right okay but this is never going to happen because women are emotional creatures. But hey, let us just ignore biology. Women are going to become unfortunately rather useless in a future if they continue with this feminist narrative.

  60. val myeon says:

    Typical feminist bitches drinking shit.

  61. Eimantas Rutkauskas says:

    whaT THE FUCK !!!

  62. FloridaKilos says:


  63. Sam I am says:

    There is no way, I'd want the reporter baby sitting my kids. She sounded so creepy at the end!

  64. Lucifer Morningstar says:

    This is so bizzare

  65. Infectious Sheep says:

    Somebody deadass wanted lord farquad as a sex doll 😂

  66. Alanis Jones says:

    The beginning is me just wanting affection 😂

  67. 7_plays _ says:

    Okay how do i delete my history?…..



  69. WIZ* Sone says:

    Haha so there is 5 times more dislikes on the Malek sex robot than female xD

  70. hot rod says:

    Are you sure its him 1:33

  71. รuรнεεł кυмαr says:

    The doll is more lucky than me😏

  72. Life_no_sense says:

    I think this woman is creepy slut

  73. Kayla Cameron says:

    I need one ;-;

  74. Xx_FuRryhUnter420_xX says:

    This proves it
    That your lonely

  75. XXNXX GIRL says:

    Good 💗💗💗❤️❤️

  76. P.k.yadav. P.k.yadav. says:


  77. xxx SEX LIVE SHOW xxx Subscribe Please xxx says:

    1 like = god will forgive us 🙏🙏
    Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja 😢🙏

  78. Dani DeBest says:

    Great piece of journalism. Just wonder who paid for it 🙂

  79. sakura hoor says:

    Lol if i had a chance i would make my husbands replica doll long distance relationship solved 😂👫

  80. Nikayla Tucker says:

    If sex dolls exist in the Toy Story Universe then that would be insane

  81. the pet house says:

    why u are here ?

  82. gems8582 says:

    Haha the porn star who said she wants a dick without someone being a dick! Lmao classic.

  83. Fanart Personxox says:

    How the heck would you tell someone that's your job…

  84. Cyril says:

    Dead husband replica for widow, kid replica for pedo,… sounds like human species is doom . At the end the girl seems possessed by a demon …
    she drink alone his glass of wine after fucking a doll soulless . what a world we live in

    Lust is one of the 7 deadly sins .

  85. Tigere Runno456 says:

    not Healthy

  86. Nikki Cedrone says:

    Sampling with the camera rolling…That's some nerve. Feel like I just walked in on someone's private time lol

  87. Lord Frank says:

    the reporter is so fuckable

  88. Weinstein Cosby says:

    Why are people so hypocrite? Male and female dolls are saviors in this ego driven world

  89. Sabir Khanm Sabir Khan says:


  90. Emily Wells says:

    Did you actually stick the dick in ya vagina

  91. John Bower says:

    She sounds like a guy.

  92. Instant Noodoh says:

    What if the doll was alive?

  93. Zane Bayne says:


  94. Alpherr says:

    Female sex dolls? OK
    Male sex dolls are fucking creapy

  95. muhammed saxdar says:


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