Making a Wedgie Sled for Segmented Turning

Making a Wedgie Sled for Segmented Turning

Hello and welcome to donald vlogsifys wood shop Ken moon Of Moonpie creations if you don’t know ken check out the I thing Up here click on it his channel’s there got some great stuff Great videos up there for you Anyway, he challenged me to make jerry Bennett’s wedgie sled And check out Jerry Bennett I’m not going to go through all the details of the dimensions and stuff here check out Jerry bennett’s channel is got the how to’s and walks you right through it in his videos there Again click the I button it’s right up there The wedgie sled is that? It’s….. Exactly what it says you can cut wedgies for segmented Segmented Bowls and turnings just by simply running the blade through that in flii… Coming up here running the blade through that and that way you don’t have to spend a whole lot of time flipping And all that good stuff Here’s how I did it (Music……..) Now Jerry, when he did his, he used a plunge rouger rougeer? Rouger Rouger… yeah Jerry when he did his he used a plunge router To just go straight down. I don’t have a plunge router I’ve got a fixed base router, so I’m gonna have to drill a hole a Starter hole to start it in So that’s what I’m doing here (more music…..) I’ve got one mistake. I got to redo I cut this The slider I Cut it for the 12 inch instead of the 14 inches oops oops oops I am going to build that ramp I I need to get the angles aligned and everything right, but that’s still pretty good There’s my wedge sled. Thank you for watching Check out Moonpie creations and Jarry Bennett’s channel This is Jerry Bennett’s design I do believe Check them out. Have a lovely day wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute Check me out on Facebook Instagram Twitter The links are down below If you’re not a subscriber please subscribe I’m getting dizzy here The subscribe button, they’ll be during the last twenty seconds of this video It’s got a little button a little round button with me in it just click on that and you can subscribe Have a lovely day Have a lovely night Have a lovely whatever your lovely and doing just have a lovely Have a lovely life because life is short and is meant to be enjoyed peace

Antonio Breitenberg

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7 thoughts on “Making a Wedgie Sled for Segmented Turning

  1. DesertBum WoodWork'n says:

    Cool, cant wait to see you use it and make something good

  2. Niantic River Woodcrafting with Chris Neilan says:

    Work that Shopsmith!

  3. Robert Evans says:

    Looks great….

  4. Opa's Workshop says:

    Nice job Donald turned out great.

  5. Purple GalaxyUniverse says:

    Ummmmmmmmmm I'm a girl and ye pls no wedgies but yeah

  6. Jeff Mundkowsky [Foggy Mountain Workshop] says:

    Nice sled. You need to set the fences in relation to each other. Go to Hobby Lobby and get a large 30 60 90 drafting triangle. Place 30 degree angle between fences and the lock. You should eliminate the gaps in the segments. Hope that helps.

  7. Lyle Tiahrt says:

    Why must you subject us to a close up of your face, it is very annoying.

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