Make Your Own Joss Kendrick Rainbow Friendship Bracelet | Doll DIY | American Girl

Make Your Own Joss Kendrick Rainbow Friendship Bracelet | Doll DIY | American Girl

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– Hi, it’s me, Morena. Today we’ll be making
rainbow friendship bracelets. Just like Joss and her
surf sister Sophia wear. That’s a tongue twister. In Joss’ story, Sophia makes a bracelet to show that they’re always together. And Joss never takes it off. These are really easy to make. So, if you have time, make
a bunch for her mini me and all her friends. Just like Joss and Sophia. Let’s get started. To make your doll a rainbow bracelet you’ll need small, colorful rubber bands, some C hooks, and your fingers. The first step is you
wanna lay out her bands in the order I want them to go. A good way to remember
the order of the rainbow is ROYGBIV. It sounds like a name but it stands for red, orange, yellow, green,
blue, indigo, and violet. A rainbow has indigo,
I’m using pink instead. You can pick any color
combination for your bracelet and it’ll look great. Once you have your
colors the way you want, you’re ready to get started. Take your first band
and stretch it between your index and middle fingers. You wanna twist it to make it look like an infinity sign, or a number eight. Next, we’ll take another band and place it on top of the first. Make sure they don’t get twisted. Then you’re gonna wanna
take the one from the bottom and you’re gonna flip it over. Then you’ll take your next
color and you’ll twist it the same way as the others. Take the one below that
and you’ll flip it over. Grab the bottom band and pull it. Repeat the process until you
have the length you want. This might take a little
bit of time and patience, but you can do it. These bracelets are a great
way to remind your friends that you support them 100%. Joss gets a boost of confidence every time she sees her own bracelet,
especially when she’s trying a new trick on the waves. She knows that her and Sophia
will always be surf sisters. I think this looks just right. Before you take them off your fingers, you wanna add a C clip to one side. This part might be tricky
so you might need some help. Once you have it hooked on one side, take your last loop and
hook it on one finger, and then you just hook it
to the other side, too. The last step is to remove
it from your finger. Ta-da! I think my doll loves her bracelet, and it matches her outfit perfectly. Comment below if your doll would
like a bracelet of her own. Who’s your doll surf sister? Thanks for watching! Bye! (upbeat music)

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