Main Ice Skating di Danau beku l #Finlandvlog |  #32

Main Ice Skating di Danau beku l #Finlandvlog | #32

Guten tag!! Hallo guys Back again in my video And now I’m with samy boy we want to go to the place, where we can play Ice skating the lake frozen already, so we can Ice skating on that frozen lake it will be fun, so don’t forget to subscribe while watching, because it’s for free this is the way to go there… full with the Snow so there infront of me, it’s actually a lake and already frozen now we are going to ice skating on that lake the snow is really thick ok guys now I’m already on the lake but it’s quite difficult because the track is not that clean so ice skating on the lake really nice experience because we don’t have it in Indonesia sam already far away so this track really on the lake guys.. it’s also snowing right now this is so beautiful sunset already ok guys so that’s all my video for today don’t forget to like, share and subscribe this video we meet again on my next video sorry for the sorter video, we are so freezing, and bring wrong equipment… we will be back again….

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “Main Ice Skating di Danau beku l #Finlandvlog | #32

  1. Abi There says:

    Suroboyo hadirrr mas bro,adem2 makan ronde uenaakkk tuh..

  2. Yukke Eito wollinski says:

    Video yang indah❤️🙂👍
    Anda bisa berseluncur dengan sangat baik ⛸️💛

  3. artika suryatika says:

    Bang romi kuat bgt sama dinginnya 😊

  4. Melfi Riqqah says:

    Sam cakep bgt.. Hahahaa mirip Charlie Puth😁

  5. Ade Irma polamolo says:

    Maasyaallah. Indahnya

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