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Hello to everyone! Friends, today we will learn a new slide that is called the “magic slide”. This is a very cool, relatively simple and stable slide, that is convenient to use for emergency stop in the city, in the park and elsewhere. Skaters who play catch-skating love this slide very much. So, it is obvious, that the front sliding foot should be at a sharp angle, because we must SLIDE, not DIG the road. You can achieve this by making a very low squat and some sort of “exit” (to the slide). And this foot should be at a very sharp angle. There are a few ways to perform the “magic slide”, I will tell about the very first way which is based on “power slide”. How does it look? We skate in “monoline” position with our back forward, we sit very low, we locate our foot in a position for “power slide”, and the other foot we drag for “magic slide” position. How does this “magic slide” position look? If you watched my video about T-stop, you know – when we keep the angle less than 90 degrees between skates, we would not become twisted. But if we keep the angle more than 90 degrees, we get this: I am skating, but I am getting twisted towards my back. In “magic slide” there is the same principle – if we don’t have less than 90 degrees angle between our feet, and our knee doesn’t turn inside, we will def get twisted. If we make an angle less than 90 – everything will be ok and we will slide. How does it look when skating? We are gaining some speed, standing in “monoline” position, sitting low, doing “power slide” and immediately we transition to the “magic slide” position. Which moments should you keep an eye on? The most important thing is the low squat. Because if we straighten our leg – we will dig in and fall. Squat low: we must get a sharp angle of our front foot and our slide will be perfect. This was the first moment. The second moment is about correct posture from the beginning. If we keep our posture like this, you actually still can perform the “power slide”. There will be nothing critical. But from this position you can’t perform the desired “magic slide”, because a”magic slide” looks like this: And this means that our start position for “monoline” should be like this: That is why we have to gain speed with your back forward and in a very good-looking “monoline” postion, sit low, make sure that you still keep good posture in “monoline” (fix your shoulders), perform the “power slide” and immediately without waiting for full stop, when our back foot just starting sliding, transition it over (with your knee and toes inside). And in a such position we try to slide. This is one method to perform a “magic slide”. Second method is – from “monoline” with face forward. How to do it? In video about soul slide” I have explained how to pose correct posture for starting the slide. “Monoline” position, low squat, and prepare this foot for a slide. This foot position is the same for a “magic slide”. Moreover, the same position is used for the “power slide” performance. I.e., when I push this foot forward, my back foot position is not very important anymore. If I turn it – it would be a “power slide”, if I dont turn it – it will be a “Soul slide”. But if I open my foot at 90 degrees – it is will be the beginning for a”magic slide”. How does it look? The best way to learn “magic slide” from face forward – it is to learn how to do a “power slide” from face foward.
It is when we skate and push our foot forward. When you learn it, all your possible mistakes will be gone and, possibly, there will one mistake left: you will be twisted to that direction. You can’t slide in a ideal line and you will not slide smoothly, or you will slide in an arc: Or you will spin around on the spot. For the avoidance of this, firstly, keep very good position of your torso. IF your leg is under the 90 degress angle, this can save you from spinning to that side. Torso position is a difficult thing. If it is turning like this – your foot would not be able to handle it. That is why you should try to keep your torso in the position necessary for sliding all the time. Then it would not spin and give you a turning moment. Position your torso, squat, prepare your foot, learn how to push it out for a slide, and then – the most interesting thing is happening with our back foot. This foot skates forward, after this it rolls over to the inside side. And we must keep it under an angle less than 90 degrees. Here we have a very brief and slippery moment. we don’t do the block and then drag ourselves to the slide. No, never like this! We DON’T have our feet skating on such a traectory: one foot skates forward and the other foot is dragged during the movement. If you want me to show it, it looks like this: I skate forward, one foot I pushed forward, other foot is dragged after me in the direction of skating. Look one more time when with speed. Look at my front foot. Now to the back foot. First we push our front foot to slide and only after that we pull off our back foot. Therefore, to sum up, we perform the “magic slide” like this:
First, we make a perfect starting position: “monoline”, a nice, low squat and lean your front foot to the inside. After that, we do the slide itself: push this foot with its heel forward and drag the second foot after, but keep it under 90 degrees angle. I.e., first you should slide with your toes, then with your heel. This theory I told you about the “magic slide” is enough for starting performing it at least in a basic variant. Have a successful training! Train more, fall less, wear your safety gear and have nice and long slides! Good luck! See you later!

Antonio Breitenberg

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