Magic Race for Kids | English Stories for Children | Steve and Maggie | Wow English TV

Magic Race for Kids | English Stories for Children | Steve and Maggie | Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie – Wow English TV. No Maggie. My skateboard is faster than your inline skates. No, it isn’t. My inline skates are faster. No Maggie. My skateboard is faster. My inline skates are faster. No, my skateboard is faster than your inline
skates. No, it isn’t. Look. There is my skateboard and there are your
inline skates. Let’s have a race. Ok. Oh. Hey. Hello boys and girls. Hello. Me and Maggie are going to have a race. Yeah. I think, my skateboard is faster than her
inline skates. Let’s race. Haha. Okay Maggie. It’s my fast skateboard against your slow
inline skates. Hey. Ready? Steady. Go! Haha. Yeah. Faster, faster. Ha Faster. I am faster than Maggie. Oh. Oh no. Look. Look. There is a puddle. Hey. Oh no. I am getting slower and slower and slower. Oh and look. There is Maggie. I am faster. Oh. She’s faster than me. Hey. What’s that? Oh look. There’s a bike. It’s fast. So say it with me and be fast. Are you ready? There’s a bike. And again. There’s a bike and again. There’s a bike. Aha. I’m faster than Steve. I’m faster than Steve. Haha. Hey. Maggie. Move. Move. Oh. Look. I’m on a bike. Yeah. I’m faster than you. Oh no. See you later. Hey. Look. I’m on a bike. Yeah. It’s a really fast bike. Maggie will never catch me now. No. Hahaha. Oh. Hey. What’s that? Oh look. There’s a car. Hey. Look. There’s a car. Say it with me. There’s a car and again. There’s a car. Haha. It’s Maggie. Maggie is in the car. Oh. She’s faster than me now. Oh. Hey. What’s faster than a car? Hmm. What’s faster than a car? Haha. My car is faster than Steve’s bike. Yeah. Oh. What’s that? Hello Maggie. Haha. Look. I’m in a helicopter. My helicopter is faster than your car. Haha. Oh no. See you later. Hey. Steve. Look. I’m in helicopter. It’s great. It’s really fast. So hey. Let’s go faster and faster and faster and
faster. Yeah. Faster and faster and faster. Haha. Oh no. Oh. I’m going to crash. Oh. Fju. Hey. I’m the winner. I’m faster than Maggie. I’m faster than anybody. Wait a minute. Where am I? Oh. It’s really cold here. I want to go home. At least there’s a helicopter. My helicopter. My helicopter. Oh. Look. There isn’t a helicopter. Say it with me. There isn’t a helicopter. There isn’t a helicopter. There isn’t a helicopter. There isn’t a helicopter. Oh. Maggie! Yeah. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it, if you love it, you can
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clip, touch here. Yeah. Thank you.

Antonio Breitenberg

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