Madonna is the worst kind of soccer mom now | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

So, Madame X, she is all these
things, but one of the things we didn’t expect Madame X to be
was a soccer mum. That just…do you know what I
mean? I think genuinely, people were kind of, like,
“She’s done what now?” Yeah. It was surprising that you upped
sticks and moved to Lisbon. Yes, I surprised myself. Yeah. Yeah. Cos you post things online, and you see that David is really
good at the piano. And he dances, and all things… God, I wish he wanted to be
a singer. That’s what I mean. Was it a disappointment? It would
have been a lot easier for me. Yeah. Was it a disappointment
that he chose sport over music? I can’t say it is a disappointment.
That’s not fair. It is a challenge, yes. LAUGHTER Can you focus on
an entire soccer match? I can’t focus on
anything right now. Um, say that again. If you watch a game of football… Wait! What’s happening now?
My medication hasn’t kicked in yet! LAUGHTER I’m sorry. Can you focus – if you see a
football game, can you watch the
whole thing? I only watch when my son’s playing.
OK. If truth is told, yeah. And if he doesn’t have the ball,
you look away? If he’s sitting on the bench,
I’m on my phone. LAUGHTER

Antonio Breitenberg

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