– [Robyn] It’s all over your face. – I’ve just had 1500 people unsubscribe. Who is this fitness guy? (laughs) – Thought he’s all about
fitness, he’s eating a cupcake. (laughs) (mellow music) Good morning everybody, it
is the 8th of January, 2019. Robyn and myself, here in London, no we’re not. – [Robyn] No, Whitstable. – [Brad] So we’re in Whitstable. It’s a beautiful sunny day, 10 o’clock in the morning in winter. And we’re going on an adventure to London, and we’re catching the train there. We’re going to bring you along. We’re doing all of these cool things. I’m going to list them out, well you list them out, Robs. Rob’s actually wrote this plan so. – Yeah, best I could.
– She’s really good. – But it’s trying to fit in as much as we can in three days. So today, we’re going to
start in Notting Hill, We’re going to go to
High Street, Kensington, Kensington Palace, and
maybe Royal Albert Hall, and follow the route, the central line, which will then take us to Selfridges, I just think he needs to
see another department store that’s flipping cool like
Harrods, a contemporary Harrods. And then we’re going to carry
on to Tottenham Court Road to go to the British Museum. That’s a very impressive museum. – It’s free entry, apparently. – Yeah?
– Mm-hm. – I’ve spent a lot of
time there as a student. – The only thing that’s free around here. – Yeah, and then I’ve
got Covent Garden here, but I actually thought
why not try and get Soho, and Chinatown, and if they’re there first, we could probably walk
through those areas. And then we’re going ice skating again. – Yep, ice skating.
– Somerset House. – Booked in advance. – And then the very last
thing is Gordon’s Wine Bar, the oldest wine bar in London. – Yep, that’s right. – That’s by Embankment. – [Woman] Get in the car. – Mommy’s calling us, she’s
driving us to the station. – To the train station. Anyway, so we’re going to
take you to the wine bar. Stick around, should be fun. I don’t even know, we might even discover
other things along the way. If we do, we’ll bring you along. – So Robs, let’s go.
– Let’s go! (mellow music) – Good morning, we’re at
London Victoria train station. – [Robyn] We’ve just arrived. – We’ve just arrived. – And it’s coffee time. – And it’s sun’s out. – [Both] Cheers! – Cheers to us. We’re about to jump in the tube, yeah? – Yeah. – All right, let’s go
for a ride in the tube, to Notting Hill Gate. – Yes. – All right, let’s go. (mellow music) Go, go. – Grand entrance. So this is, she’s my personal tour guide. Where are we, – We’re at Notting Hill Gate, and we’re walking towards Portobello Road. – Cheers to great coffees. All right guys, let’s get rolling. – [Robyn] And you have big labels, Marc Jacobs, and they’re all vintage. Look, look at those shoes. – So one of Robs’ favourite
vintage shops here in Notting Hill. Hey, Robs. – Whoa, it’s expensive. – Is it? – [Robyn] Yeah, look at
the prices, 140 quid. – [Brad] How much did
you normally pay, though? – [Robyn] Well, quite a lot. – [Brad] Three times the price. – [Robyn] Yeah, you would but. – [Brad] Still expensive. – [Robyn] Labels, hey. Miu Miu, Burberry, Marc Jacobs. – [Brad] Aw, I love those. – [Robyn] Records and
bookshops, retro bookshops. Very expensive area.
– [Brad] Is it? – [Robyn] Very, yeah. – [Brad] Wow, look at this place. Wow, this place is insane. Look at that. Carrot cake, get out of that, man. That’s crazy! We’ve got to come back for some of that. So this is the market, right? Is this the market? Oh, yeah. What a nice little area this is. That’s an ice cream place. – [Robyn] Yeah. – [Brad] So this is
Portobello Road, is it? – [Robyn] Yeah, now
we’re on Portobello Road. – Portobello Road, is it the main road, tour guide? – Yes. It goes all the way down. There used to be a pub
here I used to come to, but it’s no longer. Like, normally on a Saturday
or Friday, it’s antiques, and on a Saturday, it’s like top market, this whole street is packed with stores. – Really cool area, this
place, Portobello Road. All the houses are multicoloured. I’ll show you real quick. Look at this. Look at that, it’s cool. It’s really awesome. You used to come here? – [Robyn] In here, in this little place. – [Brad] Oh, it looks really awesome. – Yeah. – Oh, Robs’ secret hideaway. – Farm Girl. – [Brad] Farm Girl. What a nice little place. Do another coffee? – Yeah. – [Brad] Really?
– If you want it. – [Brad] Yeah, let’s get one.
– [Robyn] Look how cute it is. – Okay, so we just discovered
that this little cafe, Farm Girl, is actually
owned by an Aussie woman and her partner from Switzerland, and we’re Germany. – And the UK. – And the UK, half-half, but yeah, Farm Girl. Yeah, so she’s the farm
girl, the Melbourne girl, owns the cafe. Right there on Portobello
Street, here in Notting Hill. Coffee better be good. Hmm, it’s quite nice, isn’t it? Oh, look at this place. God, look at it. Vintage and antique. – Like, beautiful antiques. – Look at these little boxing mitts. Look at this. How cool is that? Oh, wow. Oh, that is really nice. – [Robyn] And I put
all my art stuff in it. – [Brad] That is wicked.
– [Robyn] I used to love them. I’ve still got one at
home, I’ve got a solid one. – [Brad] That is so, oh really? – [Robyn] You see, it’s
stuff like that, I just. – [Brad] No, why?
– [Robyn] I know. – All right, so this is
Portobello Road, right? – Mm-hm. – Okay, so we’re still on Portobello Road, and memory lane for Robsie, she used to live on this street. And the exact place she lived
was that one, right there. What colour? Point to it on the screen. The first one. Explain the carnival. Apparently this place is popular
for a carnival in August. – [Robyn] In August, over
one million come here to this carnival and they’re
just crazy, but it’s fun. – [Brad] Crazy.
– [Robyn] So much fun. Loads of food, and dancing, and costumes. And it’s all over Notting Hill. Everywhere. – I love the colours of
all of the terraces here. – Yeah. – I’ll spin you around. – [Man] Good morning.
– [Brad] Good morning. Oh, wow. – [Robyn] A map shop, isn’t it amazing? – [Brad] That’s so cool. – [Robyn] Vintage maps. – [Brad] Have you used
one of those before? They are the coolest things. The famous cinema here in Notting Hill, Electric. – [Robyn] When you go
inside, it’s fascinating. – [Brad] Oh, wow, that’s cool. This looks really old. Go in for a quick look. – [Robyn] Watch movies here. – Aw, look at this.
– [Robyn] It’s amazing. – [Brad] Oh god, look at that. – [Robyn] Yeah. So this is the famous
cinema here in Notting Hill. Aw, hey. Look, these are old fire
extinguisher things. Memory lane for Robsie. – Big time. – Yeah, she lived right through
those gates, just there, here in Notting Hill. – Yes, I did. – Nine years ago. We walked into The Hummingbird cafe. – Bakery.
– Bakery. Hummingbird Bakery before. We bought a carrot muffin. All right, we’re about to eat it now. – A cupcake, carrot cupcake. – Carrot cupcake, confusing mouthful. Carrot cupcake, look at that. Go get it, go get it, go get it, tiger. Put your mouth on it, go on. What do you think? – Oh my gosh. Mm. – Watch out. Oh my god.
– [Robyn] Hey? We’re going back. We’re going back. No wonder why it’s famous. No wonder why the Hummingbird’s famous. Cupcakes are fucking
phenomenal, that’s why. – Here.
– [Brad] No, you finish it. – Go on, go on.
– [Brad] You finish it. We’re going back for more. – [Robyn] Look at you smashing it. You see, that’s what
happens when you love it. You know you do that. You taste something, and
you realise it’s good, and then you, like. – Damn straight. – [Robyn] Then you smash it so quickly. – Damn straight I did.
– [Robyn] Look at you, all over your face. It’s all over your face. – I just had 1500 people unsubscribe. (laughs) Who is this fitness guy? (laughs) – Thought he’s all about
fitness, he’s eating a cupcake. (laughs) (busker singing) Let’s get some mulled wine. Ready? – [Robyn] Yes. – [Brad] Let’s get some mulled wine. You want to use my money? Go for it. – Can I get two mulled wines, please. – Time for mulled wine. Cheers to us. – Cheers. – [Brad] And future
adventures and success. Oh my gosh. – Wow. – This guy’s hit it really nicely. – It’s delicious.
– Really nice. That’s a little tour of Portobello Road, here in Notting Hill. Pretty amazing place, loved it. The food stores, the little market places, the antique places, we had a
cupcake from Hummingbird Cafe. Go there, check that place out. Really, really nice. That was the best cupcake of my damn life. And all the multicoloured
terraces, just really cool. – [Robyn] Makes you want to
watch Notting Hill, the movie, doesn’t it? – Yeah, well I’m not
going to watch the movie. – I’ll go watch it. – Anyway, going to Daylesford. – [Robyn] You can buy everything here. – [Brad] Aw, look at that, very nice. Aw, this is very nice.
– [Robyn] It’s amazing. – [Brad] Very, very nice. Oh, I like this place. – [Robyn] They just have
everything on display. – We’re going to catch
one of these awesome, retro-style taxis. I like that one. – Here we go.
– There’s a black one. – The purple one. We’ll get the purple one. The purple one. Yes, (chuckles) purple retro. Thank you. – [Robyn] Thank you. Selfridges, please. – Selfridges.
– [Robyn] Thank you. – We’re off to Selfridges. Aw, this is amazing, look at this taxi. – [Both] Thank you very much. – [Brad] Bye-bye. That’s it. Welcome to Selfridges, Robs. – Okay, hello everyone. – My first ride in a retro taxi. Slightly blown away by
the size of this building, Selfridges. Just a grand building. We’re going to go inside for a bit? Going to take us inside? – Yes, let’s go. – That smell, huh. Aw, do you want to get some macaroons? Macaroons. Come here. Oh my gosh. We’re going to get some macaroons. Robs, here we go. I love treating you. – Thank you. – [Brad] Get that for your dad. – [Robyn] That’s nice.
– [Brad] He’d love that. I think we get a coffee here. Ex-fashionista, this girl right over here. Where are you taking me? – To the place of your dreams. – [Brad] My dreams or your dreams? The place of her dreams. – I want to buy a camera. – Oh, she’s taking me to the… – [Robyn] The GoPro. – The GoPro and the technology section. I love this girl. – Yeah, you’re going to love it here. – [Brad] Get out of here, Robs. That’s what I have.
– [Robyn] See? – All right, we’re leaving this place now. It’s a massive place. Come check it out. Selfridges. We’re off to Chinatown,
Robs, 3:30 in the afternoon. – [Robyn] Now we’re off to Soho. – Oh, what a big day it has been. All right, so much to pack into one day. – Take you down to Chinatown, and then we’re going to
walk through Chinatown to Covent Garden.
– [Brad] All right. – [Robyn] And then we’re
going to go ice skating. – Ice skating, and then
the wine bar tonight. Sorry, my head’s about to explode. So much stuff. (mellow music) – Oh, my bearings. – [Brad] Oh, where are we? Piccadilly Circus. – We’re in Tottenham Court Road. – Tottenham Court Road. – Around that area. – Don’t know where that is. – Close to Chinatown and Leicester Square. – There we go, trust the tour guide here. She’s doing an amazing job. I am overwhelmed though,
to be honest with you. I crashed out before. – Yeah, you did. – Had a big slump. – He did, he had to eat lots of sugar. – Man, it’s just so much to take in. It’s a crazy place. – Sorry, I’m trying to fit everything before I go off to Seychelles. – So we haven’t made it
to the British Museum, we’ve had to skip that. We’ve skipped Coventry Gardens. – No, Covent Garden.
– Covent garden. – But we might go through there, because we’ve got to
get to the ice skating. – Yeah, we’re going to ice skating. – [Robyn] Look. – Oh, here we go, Chinatown. (laughs) – I’m sorry, babe, but you know. – It’s too much. (laughs) – But you love it. You love the chaos,
that’s what you told me. – I love chaos in controlled doses. – [Robyn] Oh, now, is that right? – Welcome to Chinatown. All right, let’s get something to eat. – [Robyn] Dim sum daily. Let’s go to Lotus Garden. – We’ve decided we’re going
to eat here, aren’t we? Let’s go in there, Robs. – [Robyn] Okay. – This is awesome. I love that. It’s very, very cosy in here. – [Brad] What do you
guys think we should get? – [Robyn] I love the bowls. We’re going to get a green tea, are we? – [Robyn] That one. – [Brad] Prawn, barbecue roast. Cheers. Green tea. – [Both] Thank you. – [Brad] Oh, hold on a minute, let’s do a better cheers, (laughs) to red wine. (laughs) – [Brad] Cheers.
– That’s better. – [Brad] Cheers to an
amazing day in London, with this character, – [Robyn] It’s been an amazing day. – I love her so much. – Aww. – All right, look what’s
just arrived at our table. I’m so hungry but this looks so amazing. Look at this. Look at this. That’s a sweet bun, isn’t it? – Yeah. – [Brad] To us. (chopsticks clacking) So good. This place is amazing, guys. This food is so good. Get your ass to this place. Six o’clock at night, we’ve just finished our dim sum adventure here in Chinatown. We’re off to go ice
skating at Somerset House. We’re walking there. Yeah, it’s a nice freezing
cold night here in London. We’re in Chinatown. Spin you around, check it out. Let’s go ice skating, Robs, let’s go. All right, here we go. Ice skating. (laughs) It’s closed. Now what do we do? Time to go home. – [Robyn] Yeah. – Okay, let’s go. (upbeat music)

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