Little inline skating endurance training (pascal briand vlog 124)

Little inline skating endurance training (pascal briand vlog 124)

Hi, 3 pistes videoman Hi Chloé Hi Juliette you come to spy my training? of course Hi Guillaume, all good? yep all good i just buy a new skinsuit a powerslide one, but yellow^^ what happen to you Chloé? i broke a bone in the knee wow knee bone i crashed at the skating rink ice rink? yes ahaha congratulation you were a witness of this scene? yes ^^ i crashed softly^^ what you gonna do today? a pyramide training 1 2 3 4 5 4 3 2 1 Guillaume , you skate with Juliette? yep it’s gonna be …hard i like your skinsuit also it’s the one from Tobias? Oh Niels what you do today? 2times 30 laps wow 2times 30laps full speed? yes full speed it s 3 pistes training style almost everybody with Propels, except Ewen , he had new wheels wep, he didn’t look so good on it he had a good grip but it didn’t look like good rolling i heard you crash ? yes , yesterday^^ the classic crash from the begining of the season end february begining march at the moment i start to feel good i feel super good and one moment i cross and i hit my skate and boom did you get hurt? it’s just Under the skinsuit , you can’t see only upper body hip, shoulder and elbow a bit the head too yes i can see it and i broke my helmet it’s always irritating when its your favorite helmet you still have one with world champion color , so it’s ok yes , it could have been worth was it hard? yes, it was really hard it’s super windy i dont know if im the only one who feel it it’s intense as soon as you loose speed its hard to accelerate again one exit corner is painfull if you fucked up a bit one corner if you dont built good our speed you take the Wind hard in the face can you do both half lap with exact same technic? or you feel any change? for me it’s a mix here it’s special in the straight line you feel it’s not same timing so i make less step and the entry of the turn is different i make cleaner cross in this corner up compare to this corner i cross less late here cause of the front wind you lose speed early i do one step more and one cross less we just adapt how long rest Nolan? 10min in total, 3left then go it’s not the hardest training when i see you pass it’s hard but you can still keep control of your technique if i dont keep a clean technique i don’t get speed and i’m less efficent in the time main goal is to stay clean and go fast still i check my puls but it’s doesnt go up today probably cause of yesterday crash but still not so bad feeling today my right foot is out of control…but just stay safe…. yep that’s it Nolan was behind me i try to follow your step…and i could for few laps but after a while my skate just go away i can’t stay really technique for long i will have a look at this i follow you , i film in slow motion and we will have a look later i have less and less back pain…my shin muscle are ok but i loose balance a lot yes this i can see your ankle are moving a lot my feet move and in the corner my upper body don’t really know where to find stability you don’t really have enought stability with the ankle….so it’s super limitating it’s first thing to solve today withthe Wind its ‘partiulary hard it’s hard to find regularity, even when we skate speacilly in this straight, we loose balance and we do lot of skating mistake you don’t see it but they are a lot here today it’s specially hard to find good feeling it’s much better to get feeling when it less wind when it’s like this we just make mistake….even if it’s invisible

Antonio Breitenberg

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15 thoughts on “Little inline skating endurance training (pascal briand vlog 124)

  1. pascal briand says:

    English subtitle are available also 😉

  2. Dion Lee says:

    Hi, Pascal! I have one slight problem I can't seem to get rid of and it's foot pain. I have thermoplastic Luigino Bolt boots. What do you do to lessen foot pain?
    Appreciate your videos by the way 🙂

  3. gui_ gui says:

    Super les commentaires à chaud de tout ce beau monde !…

  4. thierry feutrier says:

    bonne initiative, sympa l'entrainement en direct, ça me rappelle l'an dernier avec toi à Paques

  5. Shocks TV says:

    Super initiative que de filmer l'entrainement en direct, avec les couacs du jour, les sensations … Merci Pascal 😉

  6. Nadia Driouiche says:

    Merci Pascal, c'est toujours un plaisir de voir tes vidéos
    Bon rétablissement Nolan

  7. GreenTools NYC says:

    Pascal I have an issue putting my left foot over my right as i make a right turn is that normal?

  8. Roberto Moraes says:

    Very good vlog!

  9. LOQUITO says:

    hay alguna forma de caer correctamente?

  10. Michael Santo says:

    5:04 great technique!

  11. Derek Simmons says:

    Maybe you've already talked about this, but, what is your wheel setup?

    Looks like you're using a wheel with a hub that flexes more in the middle, and stiffer hubs on the outsides?

  12. scider2 says:

    Have you changed boots to Sierra?

  13. Stephan Nieuwendijk van den nieuwendijk says:

    Nice suit Pascal 🙂

  14. Jerry Andersson says:

    Hi Pascal, A little tip for the guy at the end. As he enters the corner, make him press the right shoulder straight down facing the ground and keep it there all the way out of the corner. Will increase corner stability and add push pressure in the corner.

  15. I Pinch says:

    I did not know that Princess Leia is speed skater 🙂

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