Lib Tech No.43 C2X 2020 Snowboard

Hello, My name is Didi and I represent Lib Tech Snowboards here in Austria. I’m excited to present you a very special innovation or
world novelty for the coming season and for this season.
Lib Tech Women’s Boards – brand new! The No.43 is a board with an XC2
hybrid shape. That means we’ve got a short rocker here between the bindings and
then a big camber counter-bend. The short rocker will make sure, that it’s easy
to spin and easy to ride, and it’s very playful. And the strong counter-bend simply means a lot of power and aggressive riding on the piste or in the
park. A special feature is the Horsepower construction. That’s how we call it at
at Lib Tech. There’s no fiberglass inside, we use volcanic basalt. An organic material that stands for an environmentally friendly production
or environment friendly materials, which Lib Tech uses. Additionally we have
recycled sidewalls, which basically are being produced from a residual product from the production. Also, Magne-Traction – the patent of Lib Tech. You know it from the men’s boards of course, but we also
made it extra for you girls. What does this mean? Imagine a bread knife or a steak knife.
It just works a lot easier, when you cut through a hard loaf of bread. The same effect has this edge on ice or on hard slopes. A sintered, fast
base – if you take care of it a little, then you will be the fastest girl around.
Important! The edge doesn’t run all the way through. Which means the edge is being left out at the nose
and tail. You have a better ‘spin weight’ – less weight. If you’re unlucky and crash on something, you can easily glue and repair it. The edge stays
there and the performance and the bend of the board will be preserved.
No.43 – The girls board for you!

Antonio Breitenberg

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