Let’s Go! TAMAGOTCHI (EN version) – #08

Let’s Go! TAMAGOTCHI (EN version) – #08

Let’s go!Tamagotchi! Yah-tchi! Goodbye, Ms. Perfect! Goodbye, class, I’ll cya later! Haha! So can you guys all meet up at the
Tamagotchi department store later? There’s a really popular band playing tonight! Sure, that sounds like fun. Well, if Mametchi is going, then so are we. We’re going too, oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Huh? Hey, Kuromametchi,
would you like to go with us? No, thanks, I’ll pass. He’s such a loner. But the fact that he’s a loner makes him so cool Not to mention how smart he is. And he’s really good at sports. Ah! What if he thinks we’re not cool enough
to hang out with him?! Mametchi’s cool enough..
In fact, he’s like your number one rival, right? Well not really a rival.
I think of Kuromametchi as more than a friend. Yo, Ciaotchi. What do you want this time, Bikertchi? I’ve got something really important
I’ve been wanting to talk to you about. Well, I’m sorry, but I’m in a rush. Ciao. Hey, there’s no need to hurry. Oh? What’re you trying to say, huh? Well.. You see, the thing is.. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! What do you think you’re doing, Kuromametchi? Thanks for your help. Wait, Ciaotchi, come back… Ow, ow, ow, ow! It’s from him. Hey, sorry about the misunderstanding, Bikertchi My love letter! She’s reading it, she’s finally reading it,
thank you so much, Kuromamet- Huh? Kuromametchi? Wait a minute, where did you go,
kuromametchi? I owe you one! Anytime you need anything you, let me know, ok? It looks to me like he got himself a new groupie Kuromametchi’s so cool, even the boys will
do anything to hang out with him.

Antonio Breitenberg

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85 thoughts on “Let’s Go! TAMAGOTCHI (EN version) – #08

  1. swooce ! says:

    one of those tamas is mistys(pokemon) voice
    oh yeah and kuromamethci is cute hehe ^^

  2. hcsiivlar says:

    0:46 lolz its kenny

  3. clubparty44 says:

    lol "wait a minuete where'd he go?" XD

  4. Stellary says:

    " HES SUCH A LONER..! " XDD; I Sense Emo, But the fact that he likes to help others and stuff…Is not emo. o3o

  5. ccoolchic1 says:

    I don't know if anyone has notice this, but
    Kuromametchi= Sasuke
    Mametchi= Naruto

  6. pwnageking5 says:

    He also has piercings. o.o

  7. CrimsonSunshine says:

    you have to be on acid to understand this crap

  8. Amanda Ly says:

    then dont watch it .

  9. razputen91 says:

    this is soooo fucked up

  10. BruceYammosk says:

    Can ANYTHING be made into a TV show nowadays?

  11. Alpha Unit Tom says:

    well pritty much everything exept stuff which arnt that commercialy succsecful(spelt that wronge) i mean legend of zelda, pokemon, digimon, tamagotchi, mario and even pacman have been in some kind of tv show just to become populer

  12. Wendiz says:

    XD It maked me laugh a LOT!!!

  13. Kou Izumi says:

    Mametchi Lives In A Fantasy World, Doesn't He?

  14. Too Ticky says:

    Its a tv show?


    where can i watch it?

  15. Milkshakes says:

    of course kuromametchi is popular. i have him! XD

  16. ccoolchic1 says:

    Yeah, but I remember in one episode Naruto said Sasuke was his friend or something like that. Oh just forget I even said anything in the first place, sorry.

  17. uchihasi says:

    kuromametchi yay

  18. aripasta says:

    super cute! :3

  19. Hagemanto says:

    kuromametchi resembles me besides the loner thing and popular ness(hes not really popular tho)

  20. spongygirl20 says:

    he's not a bunny. if you actually hated this show, then why are you watching it? it you looked at the title, you would know that all of these "bunny things" are TAMAGOTCHIS. his name is kuromametchi.

  21. spongygirl20 says:

    your soooo fucked up

  22. spongygirl20 says:

    wtf is tl;dr, and i dont fucking care if your sick of it. i dont fucking care if it has to be succint or original. i said what i said and nothings going to change that

  23. Carmen G says:


  24. minseok420 says:

    man!! i love that lil dude!! (kuromametchi)

  25. Vega Lyra says:

    Agreed x3

  26. QueenofPancakes5260 says:

    these episodes remind me of pokemon

  27. AngelicSongx says:

    Kuramametchi is so awesome~ XD

  28. kayla says:

    the teacher is ugly and gay

  29. QR QRQR says:

    I'm lucky becuase Kuromametchi is on the back of my code pick thingy

  30. Penguinox says:

    go cut urself

  31. mekkabon says:

    lol is the voice actor for the yellow tamagotchi the same as the person who voices ash ketchum? XD!!!

  32. sicexseven says:

    kuromametchi is so awesome and cute

  33. Maddie Fallmann says:

    So funny with the luv letter

  34. themangakawolf says:

    kuromometchi and mametchi are my favs!

  35. themangakawolf says:

    ah ha…thanks :3 this is my first youtube email to anyone…i'm new! -_- so thank you

  36. themangakawolf says:

    bikertchi look like a duck infused with johnny bravo…

  37. Elizabeth Yu says:

    I think Gozarutchi said ''he's such a loner!''

  38. Meduka The Meguca says:

    Lol i have Mametchi on my Tamagotchi Music one:3

  39. Nadim13344 says:

    Lucky you have it

  40. Nadim13344 says:

    i hope i get someday the music star

  41. JazferJaeB says:

    XD Idk the ninja's name but his lines make him sound like kenny XD

  42. themangakawolf says:

    even i am hypnotized by kuromametchi's hot emo-ness…..

  43. themangakawolf says:

    @PrinceJuniper amen

  44. junie behjones says:

    lol "hes such a weener!" XD LMAO epic tama moment

  45. Mystery Ezekude says:

    You might not believe it…But Kuromametchi is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch who is most famous for voicing Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach and Nero from Devil May Cry 4!

  46. Chelsea Baltazar says:

    gozarutchi always makes me laugh 😀 i know he said he's such a loner but i like to think that he said weiner 😉

  47. Observant Pothead says:

    HAHA he's such a wiener gazurachi is like the kenny of this show

  48. Katie Snider says:

    theyre all stiffies for kuromametchi

  49. Star and Savior says:

    Lol, I love Gozarutchi xDDD
    "He's such a Weiner!!" Lmao
    Thunbs Up if he's ur fave character!! OuO

  50. themangakawolf says:

    Gozarutchi is like Kenny from south park!

  51. Emir Logawan says:

    @PrinceJuniper JAPAN, stop slaughtering endangered whales! That is why we Australians hate you!

  52. abowlofnoodles says:

    curly hair and kinda mean= Makiko
    Orange and my favourite = Memetchi shes my favourite and ichigotchi aka the one Makiko sits beside and my icon 😛

  53. UTAU53Yui says:

    @ausbegosh go rant about that on a Whale Wars vid -.- pay attention to the actual video.

  54. Eric Garner says:

    when/if i get my tamagatchi (i almost typed in pokemon lmfao) im getting him ♥

  55. StuffForFun2 says:

    IMMA FIRE MA LASER! mouth everywhere

  56. themangakawolf says:

    i LOVE kuromametchi's pink ascot! :3

  57. UTAU53Yui says:

    @StuffForFun2 Tamagotchi's are born with the ability to shoop da whoop at will.

  58. Marty says:

    @TR4699 no he says " i have a boner." (just kidding so dont be offended)

  59. Ångest says:


  60. ThePyroWall says:

    Oh god jonny bravo is a tamagotchi!

  61. LegendOfAGamer says:

    There oversized eyes shoot lazors to vaporize the pride of any man who watches this O_O

  62. Shawanajbb says:

    JulitanFelix @ it was created by JulitanFelix
    I like kuromametchi the most ^^!

  63. foodisawesomeful says:

    kuromametchi isn't that bad cus he aint all 'THE WORLD IS SO GREAT YAYAYAYAAAAY' like a lot of other things in this series.

  64. SergeantTomato5 says:

    kuromametchi is so badass

  65. AznTaggerXD says:

    i feel like this is a long time ago 1:04-1:42

  66. Alyssa Cami says:

    why did kuromametchi hide at the end

  67. Alyssa Cami says:

    the same person who did thevoice of mametchi is the same who did the voice of memetchi!!!

  68. Professor Hakase Shinonome says:

    Lolz kuromemetchi is like shadow the hedgehog

  69. dupelic0 says:


  70. ChileanNative says:

    He's such a boner

  71. N0ThingMUcHhere says:

    ya even though he wears too much pink but it looks good on HIM o_O

  72. Cloudie says:

    kuromametchi is one of my favourite tamagochi characters. hes just so COOL!

  73. sk1tt135 says:

    Kuromametchi, everybody gay!

  74. GoSaucyKid says:

    Gozarutci spoke for the first time… sounded like Kenny from South Park. Awesome 🙂

  75. Rice says:

    Dx aww man i miss tamagotchi,, last one was tama town… i wounder if they still make them.. if you know mind replaying?

  76. Rice says:


  77. Peter Martin says:

    lol ''hes such a loner''

  78. Colton Phass says:


  79. CookieKitten says:

    I feel bad for Bikertchi 🙁

  80. Tiffany LovesWebkinz says:

    oh..MY..Gawsh.. :3 i think i have a crush on kuromametchi.. DAAH GROW UP ME!!!!

  81. shinyst4r17 says:

    You do realise those comments were posted over 4 years ago…?

  82. QG Produções says:

    I think so cute with the shimashimatchi mimitchi knew that mimitchi has a crush on him?

  83. Moomjie says:

    Lawl, Young mametchi faniglirling. 😉

  84. Allyson C. says:

    0:49 Neenetchi: ??? I totally agree with those other girls

  85. Allyson C. says:

    I can’t believe Johnny Yong Bosch can do that young-sounding voice for Kuromametchi! It somewhat sounded like he was voiced by Stephanie Sheh like the regular Mametchi is

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