‘Let’s Go Rollerskating’ Bonus Clip 🤪 Wife Swap

(upbeat disco music) – Roller skating takes a really big, huge part in our lives. It’s the time where we come as a family and we have, we can bond. We actually spend quality time together and make memories. Let’s see, here goes nothing. – All right, baby. – Everybody’s just going so good. No one’s falling, this is tragic. – See ya!
– Bye! – Be careful. – I know! – I know, she knows everything, right? – Wee! (laughing) – Let me get down first.
– I’ll let you get down so you can help me down. – All right. Let me get you like this. – Yeah, please. – I feel like I need to hold onto you–
– Ah! (laughing) So you don’t crash and burn.
– So I don’t fall, right? – You just got to loosen up.
– Okay. – Don’t be too tense. – But I feel like I have a little more control when I’m going faster. – Ah, momentum? – You’re all right.
– Yeah. – She just took you.
(girl zooming by) Look at her, she knows. – Really, really, is that
what we’re doing here? Honestly I can’t keep
going ’cause I don’t know how to stop, so show me
some of you little moves. – You sure? – Yeah, I won’t be embarrassed
that I can’t do it. – I mean it’s not that
you just don’t want to, you know, fall. – Oh so your serious, serious about this? Oh amazing. Okay now I feel bad. (woman laughing) I definitely feel bad now. (laughing) If my husband sends me
here I would be probably a little upset because
I don’t like not being in control, or not knowing, or not being the best at something. – It’s all about having fun,
you can have fun fallin’. – Yeah oh yeah, I mean
I wouldn’t call it fun, but meanwhile you guys are
skatin’ too fast for my life. Like I’m legit peckin’ around the red. I’m very surprised at the
dynamics of this family. I had no idea that they spend this type of time with each other. I mean it’s honestly a pleasant surprise. (playful upbeat music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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