Leighton Meester & Rob Lowe Are Ready to Teach James Surfing

Leighton Meester & Rob Lowe Are Ready to Teach James Surfing

Antonio Breitenberg

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37 thoughts on “Leighton Meester & Rob Lowe Are Ready to Teach James Surfing

  1. Amilla Moira says:

    only here for leighton STILL MY BLAIR WALDORF

  2. Happy Ever After says:

    Rob Lowe looks stunning for 54. He’s doing something incredibly right!

  3. Josephinn Hadebe says:

    Currently rewatching Gossip Girl.
    Love seeing Blair😍

  4. mattluck says:

    so less Leighton Meester!!!!! so dispointing!!!! give me more Leighton

  5. Vamanos Ninja says:

    2 a holes.

  6. Oceana Crespo says:

    Omg I miss Gossip Girl so much 😢

  7. emily caldera says:

    My fav 80s man 😍😍 Rob 😩

  8. violet slater says:

    who’s here for Blair (gossip girl)

  9. Giovanna Chero Sánchez says:


  10. ORagnar says:

    No gators in Africa… Crocs.

  11. Shelley Bee says:

    "That's when you know you're 'Rob Lowe'."……The man who Never Ages, lol 😁

  12. lestrange dan says:

    Leighton! My girl crush. 💛💛💛 She's gorgeous, and still looks the same when she was in Gossip Girl!

  13. bbexxo says:

    Leighton is so stunning 😭

  14. Ivana Panteličová says:


  15. Akansha Rawat says:

    Omg!!! Leighton❤️❤️❤️

  16. Danny Steeler says:

    I miss my Gossip Gurl #SluttyYetClassy

  17. drc ula says:

    I miss craig fugerson

  18. iconictvmoments says:

    Leighton is nothing like Blair and it's amazing

  19. Star 84889 says:

    She doesn’t age wonder what’s her ethnicity

  20. Cassandra Nedelisky says:

    “I have a dream where I can run to the end of my driveway…”

  21. Malak Hussien says:

    Why did Leighton and Sebastian stan break up ?

  22. nina jokelainen says:

    Rob and Leighton two hotties.

  23. Pimm Jane says:

    Here for Leighton

  24. i n says:

    more of Leighton please…

  25. Kahuna21 says:

    Havnt seen Leighton meester in years

  26. Yusra9189 says:


  27. Spotless Mind says:


  28. Dra Muah says:

    Leighton 😍😍😍😍

  29. jennie says:

    That is one good looking couch!

  30. Angelo Figuera says:

    SPOTTED: Queen B saying "my husband"? Is she talking about Chuck Bass? XOXO Gossip Girl

  31. A Dream says:

    He meant Crocs, not fucking Gators.

  32. Bri Terry says:

    Yanking them out? What do they do with the sharks they find? Throw them farther in the ocean? Kill them? I mean it is their home.

  33. Leona Mikho says:

    Who’s leighton? That’s BLAIR WALDORF

  34. Alex D. says:

    Of course her husband surfs :>

  35. Atlas Aamir says:


  36. Kurt Sudheim says:

    It was a croc, not a gator, just saying (I know I'm one odd those guys now)

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