Learning Freeride Snowboards

Learning Freeride Snowboards

Freeride boards. Now freeride boards are a little bit more asymmetrical whereas free style boards They’re twin tip a freeride board can be directional meaning bindings are set back or Asymmetrical the the sidecut doesn’t doesn’t start going back right up in the center It’s set back a little bit so an asymmetrical board can be fatter nose and then taper down like that so a more narrow tail and then also the Flex can be asymmetrical meaning that it’s a little softer up in the front and stiffer at the tail and This really helps riders get through all types of crud and powder and kind of float up on top of it So this style of riding is as you can see just by the shape of the board It’s meant to go that one way more than the other. They can flip it around and still ride the opposite direction But they’re not going to get that efficiency that they would if they’re riding the direction That’s built to go. Now not all free ride boards are tapered and built the same way But they’re usually going to be a little bit longer and stiffer so that they can perform better out on the mountain Whereas in the park they’re a little bit more softer and forgiving So that’s a big difference between a freestyle & freeride board. I like to ride a board that is a good combination of both If I’m out riding powder, and I know that’s all I’m going to be riding and crud then yeah It’s great to have that that tapered board a little stiffer in the back and software in the front but it’s really nice to have a board that maybe, the binding are just set back a little bit or like a Directional Twin tip I’ve ridden that for some time but it’s really nice to have a board that’s Versatile where you can be having a great time in the park and versatile out on the mountain as well This is just one of the many tutorials that we have. Sign up for the full course at flowingfreeride.com Subscribe, like and comment cheers FFR!

Antonio Breitenberg

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