Learn What to Wear Snowboarding

Learn What to Wear Snowboarding

When you’re coming up to the slopes you want to have a waterproof outer layer Your pants your coat your gloves mittens The temperatures are going to change in the morning It’s going to be colder and then throughout the day it may be getting a lot warmer especially during the spring bring up layers of clothing so as The temperatures increase you can shed layers off. You’d rather be a little bit warmer than colder because once you’re cold you Can’t keep putting more layers on that you don’t have. So you want to make sure that you have an outer layer That’s waterproof and then layer it up. You can have types of clothing that absorb sweat There’s under armor types of fabric that absorb sweat they’re a little bit warmer or a little bit Cooler, so The big Key is to have an outer layer. That’s waterproof and then to layer it up There’s fabrics out there that are going to be a little bit more flexible that Insulate a little bit better. When you’re up snowboarding I don’t recommend wearing the cotton socks that can get wet and they don’t insulate very well and then also you want to have flexibility so a Tight pair of jeans isn’t a very good idea to be wearing up even as an under layer I’ve seen before where people just come out in Jeans which is It’s too bad They just don’t know that if the the product the fabric gets wet and then it freezes you’re going to be really cold So you want to have fabrics that are they’re loose that absorb you want fabrics that will insulate if they get wet and You want fabric and clothing that’s not too tight so that you have good movement This is just one of the many tutorials that we have. Sign up for the full course at flowingfreeride.com

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