Learn To Snowboard Staying Healthy By Avoiding Stress

We’ve all had crazy things happen to us
or we’ve had crazy people in our lives that cause stress. Find a healthy way of
dealing with it and release that stress. I found that I love being in the mountains. I met up with me mate Luke Schumacher
and we were ripping the fresh powder getting face shots! Shredding the gnar takes away the
craziness in my life. I love steeps and deep powder!
Snowboarding gives a natural high and a great workout. Stay fit and young by
taking care of your body. You can learn to snowboard and get better by signing
up for our online snowboard school at flowingfreeride.com. Click in the right
corner to do that! I’ve been hiking Alta and Snowbird the
last few days. It’s Memorial weekend and there’s tons of snow to spray huge snow
walls! Tip dip and rip the snow! Many resorts like A-basin, Breck, Mammoth
and Snowbird have extended their seasons. It’s an endless winter with record
snowfall. See on the slope mates! You can sign up for the full course at
flowingfreeride.com. Subscribe comment and like Subscribe, comment and like! Subscribe, comment and like!

Antonio Breitenberg

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