Learn To Snowboard In Bumps or Moguls

Learn To Snowboard In Bumps or Moguls

Riding bumps! When we start getting off of the beginner hill and getting into more blue terrain we’re going to encounter Trails that haven’t been groomed and they might have little bumps on them Bumps occur on trails that have been groomed all the time because people start to turn in the same spot And they occur especially when the slopes start to get steeper So we really want to learn how to ride bumps because we’re going to encounter trails that aren’t perfectly flat and groomed all the time We need to be able to learn how to turn on Bumps in case we’re riding and all of a sudden the trails full of bumps, and there’s no way to get down But to go through these bumps/moguls and bumps are ridden differently for snowboarders than skiers Skiers can Turn Edge to Edge quicker because their skis are thinner. Snowboards are thicker our wider so we like to turn more on the top of the bump or On the bottom third of the bump so the top third or the bottom third of the bump. Now down in the bump It’s more like a trench and that really gets rutted out and becomes more icy and our boards like I said are a lot wider than a skI so our boards might not even fit in that Trench so if you can avoid turning in the trenches and try to turn on the top third or bottom third of the bump I like to take students out on trails that have some Groomer on one side and then bumps on the other so that they can go into the bumps a little bit but then if they don’t like the bumps they can get back out. As I’m riding through moguls I move Fore-and-aft on my board as I come over to some bumps I like to first try to Go to the bumps and not just start making turns, S-turns down the bumps, but I’ll actually go over four or five bumps So that I can absorb and I use my leg absorption independently. So as I’m coming up to a bump My my front foot, I want to unweight and put more pressure on my back foot So that my my leg is really able to absorb that so I come up to a bump and I put a little bit more pressure My front foot comes over and I absorbing it and then as I’m coming over with my back foot I put more fore pressure on my front foot and unweight my back foot so that I can absorb it with my back foot So as I’m coming over these bumps. It’s not all once it’s independent so my front foot, and then my back foot. A good analogy for absorbing bumps are shocks and Really big shocks are on those monster trucks So you can see them really absorb the jumps and the the cars as they crush and you can see how much their shocks are moving and One Tire might hit a bump and the other ones flatter, so that’s just like with snowboarding we want to use independent leg absorption. A good drill to start when we’re learning bumps is to go across the bumps and to lean fore and aft so that I can absorb through these bumps and Then after I do do that both on toe side and then across on Heelside I’m going to start maybe doing some turns s turns down the bumps, but I don’t have to make a turn in the trenches So I might go over a bump or two and then make my turn on the top of the bump or on the bottom third of the bump. Go over a couple more and then as I get better and [better] I can make smaller tighter turns, but I’m usually Going to be absorbing a few times and then making it a turn. Bumps can be really fun, but if you don’t like them you Maybe want to avoid them But you really should learn how to ride bumps because bumps and little variations in the trail occur all the time and sometimes You would think that bumps aren’t supposed to be on this trail, but because of the conditions There’s all these bumps that have occurred and I have to get down this trail because there’s no way around it It’s a really good idea to learn [how] to ride these bumps Practice it a lot I’ve talked about where to turn on the bumps How to go across absorb the bumps fore & aft pressure and that way you can become a better snowboarder and ride the whole mountain Subscribe, like and comment cheers FFR!

Antonio Breitenberg

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11 thoughts on “Learn To Snowboard In Bumps or Moguls

  1. SnowboardSecretsTV says:

    Good explanation! Very technical! Here's a live action video of my different technique of riding moguls! Lauren https://youtu.be/nObK8HGCrc4

  2. diowk says:

    take a drink every time he says ''bumps''

  3. David Buckwitz says:

    Excellent advice and video. Thank-you. David.

  4. Addison Hill says:

    Really good snowboarding tip to ride moguls.

  5. Dean says:

    Skiers turn on top of the pumps too.

  6. Wei-Hua Tseng says:

    Very very nice tutorial. I gonna try it later.

  7. Yimin Chen says:

    thx for the tips!! I'll try to ride them next time.

  8. usfflauto says:

    I should of watched this video before going that hill a day ago with a lot of bumps!

  9. Yeti Baru says:

    Do you have any tips for switching edges or doing tricks on moguls?

  10. Tombstone Kid says:

    Finally someone that makes some sense when are we going to have a event

  11. Tombstone Kid says:

    Tombstone Kid is still the best mogul snowboarder ever

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