Learn to grind – Thisissoul Tricktips – Aggressive Inline Skating

Learn to grind – Thisissoul Tricktips – Aggressive Inline Skating

Hello, my name is Ivo! This is the ThisisSoul vlog, and today we’re going to learn how to grind. To do that, I’ll take you to the Olympiaplein skatepark. let’s go! Hey, welcome at the Olympiaplein skatepark This is -the- place to be for inline skaters from Amsterdam. This is where we give our lessons, and where the scene comes together to learn new tricks. And where we organise the Olympia games. Let’s go! Ok Cool, We’re here at the skatepark and we’re going to learn how to grind. There are 2 different types of skates. Freestyle inline skates and aggressive inline skates. If you want to grind, you need space between your wheels, as well as here on the side. So you will need to bring your aggressive inline skates. Hi Ruben How are you?
I heard that you want to learn how to grind? Is that correct? Ruben: Yes! Then we’re going to start with the Soul grind. Come over here A Soul grind is done with your Soul plate. The Soul plate is the area on the bottom of your boot, next to your wheels That’s also the reason why our skateshop is called ThisisSoul! Did you know that? Ruben: No. Put your Soul foot here, your front foot goes there. Shall we try that? Just put your feet on the curb like this. Give that a few tries while trying to stomp your foot down as hard as possible. Stand firm with your full weight on your Soul foot. Let’s try this a couple of times. Nice! Again. Thats good. Hold your foot on it longer so that you can stand on it. The next tip is important for anybody that wants to learn a Soul grind. You shouldn’t have your knee above your foot, but it has to be over here. So that your foot is slanted. You can’t do a good Soul grind if your foot is in this position. You can only do a good Soul grind if your foot is there. Thats it, nice! When your foot is on the curb and your knee is positioned, the next step is to lift your other leg up, And then try to stand as long as possible while trying to keep your balance. That is it. Put one leg on the curb, place your knee in the right position. Then lift up your other leg. And put that leg in front of you. This knee stays curved. And the other knee is stretched. Look, one is curved, the other is stretched. That’s it, perfect! First one foot, then the other, balance, perfect! Now we can move on to the next step. For that we need some wax. We are gonna grease the rail. So that it is super slippery, and we can slide over it. If you want to wax the rail. Then you can use a candle for this or special skate wax. This lets you grind nice and fast. You did a very good job with your stall technique, so now we can start to learn how to grind! We are going to do the same as when standing still, but now we are going to do while riding. The first step for that is to go very slowly. Just put one leg on there, And then one foot on it. Good job! At the end it should to look like this. Ride parallel and put your foot on it. Yeah that is it. Perfect! Good Job. Yeah. Cool. The next step, Ruben, is to put your front foot on the curb. Show me. Let’s do that a couple of times. This is not easy. That’s it. Yess Ho, this foot needs to be there! There you go! That was a Soul grind! That was very good! Your first grind! All by yourself! Ruben just did his first sick grind. For the first time in his life he did a Soul grind. However, the final version of this trick needs to be done while jumping with two feet at the same time. For that you have to learn how to Soul stall. Stand next to the curb and try to, without speed, jump on and off it. Repeat this a lot of times, because it’s not easy. If you’ve practiced stalling a lot, and you can land a Soul with no speed, the next step is to ride it. Start off slow, if you land it, then go faster, if you don’t, keep practicing the stall. After each success you try to go a bit faster the next try. And after a while you can grind the whole box! This was the Soul grind that you just saw. Once you can do the Soul grind, you can move on to other grinds such as the Acid, the Mizou and the Pornstar foot positions. I will show those real quick. Frontside Grind Backside Grind Soul Grind Acid Grind Mizou Grind Pornstar Grind

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