Learn Japanese with Anime – Let’s Play Soccer!

Learn Japanese with Anime – Let’s Play Soccer!

In this video we’re going to analyse Mamoru
Endo’s quote from Inazuma Eleven. First let’s watch the scene and then we’ll go
over the grammar. ダークフェニックス!
dāku fenikkusu!
Dark Phoenix! ゴッドハンド!
goddo hando!
God Hand! 思い出せ、みんな!
omoidase, minna!
Remember, everyone! サッカーやろうぜ!
sakkā yarō ze!
Let’s play soccer! So today’s quote is サッカーやろうぜ. サッカー means “soccer”. Sports in
Japanese are mostly named using katakana as many of them are imported from other countries.
For example, テニス, ゴルフ, バレーボール, バスケットボール, ラグビー, バドミントン
and so on. On the other hand, Sports of Japanese origin are named using Kanji such as 空手,
柔道, 剣道, 弓道, 合気道, 相撲 and so on. There are also sports which are
imported from other countries but the name in kanji has become more common such as 野球
(baseball) and 卓球 (table tennis). やろう is the volitional form of やる
meaning “to do”. So サッカーやろう means “let’s play soccer”. You can also
say サッカーしよう which is the volitional form of する but やろう sounds more rough
and casual. The direct object particle を is omitted which often happens in casual speech. ぜ is the sentence ending particle used towards
equals or inferiors in male speech. It’s used when you want to emphasise or make sure
of something in a friendly way, or when you simply want to sound cool and manly. When
it’s used with a verb volitional form, it sounds more encouraging. For example, 明日の試合、頑張ろうぜ
meaning ”Let’s do our best at the game tomorrow”, 仕事のあと、飲みに行こうぜ
meaning “Let’s go for a drink after work, shall we?” Although you rarely hear it in
real conversations as it sounds a bit too rough or too masculine. So today’s quote サッカーやろうぜ!
means “Let’s play soccer!” in an encouraging and friendly way. That’s all for today. Thanks for watching!

Antonio Breitenberg

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