Learn how to use roller blades

Learn how to use roller blades

HELLO I AM THEO I AGE 9 NOW YOU NEED LEARN 5 STEP TO USE ROLLER BLADES NOW TEACH YOU HOW GO FOWARD NOT GO BACKWARD NOW SHOW LOOK LIKE IS AND STAY LOW IF YOU High will easy get fall that how go foward faster now 2 step how to stop you have 3 choices now show you your skate have brades on left or right that help you to stop first choices your feet must balance look 2 choices go around i show look but it is hard for to balance 3 choices is go like oval will cause you stop faster now 3 step learn how go move go right then go left but i not show about feet i will teach by body cause go right or go left all kid must have safe thing i wont all get hrut thank watch but and that my first time video on youtube i will vol more thank all people

Antonio Breitenberg

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