Good morning everybody. We are in Quebec and we’re about to go snowboarding at Le Massif in Charlevoix It’s the last day of our 6 part vlog series and what better day to finish it than by shredding powder. It’s been snowing all night. We love snowboarding, and it’s going to be the first time we get to ride this year. Yeah, let’s go do it. Allons-y! This is rad. First step is to go get some gear and meet up with the local ski ambassador who is going to take us around the mountain. Oh guys. It is a crisp, beautiful day. All the pine trees are just frosted with fresh snow, and Le Massif sounds like it is going to be pretty massive. It is the highest mountain east of the Canadian Rockies. So it’s going to be pretty big. I think it’s 700 meters of vertical drop down to the sea level. Nice. It’s going to be cool. What’s your favorite thing about skiing or snowboarding at Charlevoix? Le Massif? Nature. Nature? We are suited and booted, and we’re going to go explore the mountain with our local friends here: Catherine, Jean-Fred and they’re going to show us the mountain. Where should we go today? We’ll start with a couple runs around here. is our favorite. It’s the secret here Locals go there So we’ll start with that and after we’ll see if you’re ready guys for some black diamond runs. We’re ready. We’re ready, ready! Allons-y! Bif. This place has the most incredible view. You can see the Saint Lawrence and the Bay de Saint Paul. It’s pretty much the opening of the Saint Lawrence River into the Atlantic Ocean. There’s a cargo ship over there. What a great place to ride. Super cool. Out here is Newfoundland and the Grand Banks, a big cod fishing area. So that’s why a lot of people came here originally. And there’s a lot of fishing villages around here. They used to do cod fishing, whaling back in the day. A lot of these runs here are named after the maritime heritage. But for now, time to go riding. Bro Shralped gnar Shred-sesh To the extreme Dank Delish Pow-pa-lious How about you? All I have to say is good luck to our translators. Try to translate that California slang! Impossibile. Quick question for all you guys out there. Do you ski or snowboard? Snowboard, bro. Put it in the comment box. Merci beaucoup. Super fun. But I think we’re going to call it half day and head back out. We’ve been snowboarding along the banks of the Saint Lawrence River this whole day so now we’re going to go check out and see what we can see. It’s right on the gulf of the Saint Lawrence River where the river opens up really wide. So hopefully we’ll see some cool stuff. Allons-y. All right guys. So we started there at Baie Saint Paul. And now we’re in this little town Saint Joseph de la Rive We’re headed to this place. Ile aux Coudres Supposedly, it’s about a 15 minute ferry ride over there, but it’s pretty incredible because we’re at the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River. There’s ice everywhere, icebergs floating in the water. But we’re pretty lucky because there’s a little bit of sunshine, and it’s relatively clear above us now. So we got here a little bit early. The next ferry runs in about 10 or 15 minutes So we’re going to wait, take the ferry across and see what we can find over there. We are going to do a little bit of exploration right now. We’re not really sure what’s on this island or what it looks like, but we’ll go see what we can discover. Pretty incredible place to finish our journey….. an island in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River. at the entrance of the Atlantic Ocean an incredible sunset, good weather, pretty rad, man. The journey started in Montreal, went to Quebec City and here in Charlevoix. And the one thing that has united all those things has been the Saint Lawrence River So I think it’s quite fitting for us to finish our journey here on an island in the middle of the Saint Lawrence. What was your favorite part of the trip so far, man? I mean, I don’t know. It’s hard, especially when you’re talking about Montreal versus Quebec City. I think that you can’t pick favorites. They’re just so different. I love the vibe in Montreal. I thought it was really cool, young, multicultural. It was bilingual. But in Quebec City, it’s totally different. Quebec City was like a time warp. It was like going back to 17th century France. Almost like a fairy tale city. And then to see the canoe race across the Saint Lawrence and to be there for winter Carnival and on the same day also go to the restaurant like we did the La Bouche The Sugar Shack. Oh my god That was really like a modern very, very, modern interpretation of what makes this region unique. I’ve just had such an amazing time in this province, and I really don’t think this is going to be the last time that we’re in Quebec. I certainly hope not. If you guys like this video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs-up. Share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for new travel videos every week and don’t forget this is the last video in a six-part series. So if you haven’t seen the other videos from Quebec, go check them out. They’re links in the description box In the meantime, remember to stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace. Later. I can’t feel my face when I’m riding. But I love it. Really love it. Boom. Wear a helmet! Bif.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Breno de Melo says:

    Snowboarding for sure!

  2. MzEliseKatrine says:

    I just went to Le Massif on reading week!

  3. MzEliseKatrine says:

    I ski

  4. Tania Molina says:

    Looks like y'all had a great time! It's beautiful!! Digging the slow-mo snowboarding footage! Amazing! #snapsquad #skiing ⛷

  5. Elise Zamora says:

    You should do a series on Toronto and go to Snakes and Lattes

  6. MrRobot says:

    Awesome Video! I'm also from Snapchat!!! #snapsquad

  7. T T says:

    Awesome series, it was great coming along for the ride and seeing the province through your perspective:)

  8. Alex Hall says:

    great series guys! loved seeing ya'lls adventures, and can't wait to visit Canada for myself someday. keep up the awesome work!(:

  9. emily mitchell says:

    Footage was beautiful as always! Hope to make it up there sometime soon!

  10. I Am Cosmi says:

    You guys are just the bomb! I'm planning a trip at the end of the year and this looks like a good place to visit 🙂 Love your videos! P.S: Come to Kenya!

  11. Koralyn Shields says:

    Love watching your channel. Any plans to check out Montana? #SnapSquad

  12. Elisabeth Hrl says:

    Who would have thought that snowboarding was a thing back in San Diego… Ahahha 🙂 Great serie! Probably one of my favorite, thanks guys!

  13. sweetcarot13 says:

    you should definitely come in July (beginning of july) for the FEQ (festival d'été de Québec).. this is the best music festival in Quebec. over 300 shows in 11 days. 90$ for the pass that gives you access to ALL the shows. I personally know the girl that work for the FEQ for the press and the artist I'd you want a special treatment 🙂 contact me if your interested

  14. Jonathan Green says:

    Great series on my ancestral home of Quebec. And you even visited during winter! Rock on. I've been in all seasons and love it so much. Canadians are awesome people and that came through during the series.

    My family is from Montreal and you really captured what I love about the city. Such a great job.

    For those interested in another great Quebec spot – check out Mont Tremblant. Fun in the winter and warmer months. I was there last June and had a blast.

    I hope you guys visit other Canadian provinces in the future. Canada is a great value for USA travelers right now (1 USD gets you 1.30 CAD as of today) so your travel dollars go far. In 2017, Canada will mark 150 years of Confederation. Lots of great events planned.

  15. V says:

    video editing on point 👌🏼

  16. Virginie Hunter says:

    I'm living in Quebec City and these videos were so awesomely made that it made me fall in love again with my city !! The comment you give on the activities and about the background history are amazing. Keep your good work !!

  17. Lucas Liberatore says:

    Hey I'm wondering who does the edits; Alex or Marko?

  18. greenesss101 says:

    #SnapSquad… Great video guys 🙂 Love from Cali!

  19. Sanjida Yasmin says:

    Merci beaucoup!!!! wonderful videos of Quebec. i am regular viewer. i loveeeeeee exploring but not possible for me. but atleast i can see the world through you guys. especially my favvvvvvv one quebec. One day i will live there! and Thanks again. in summer time in my country, its a thrilling to watch winter..lots of love, lots of wishes…….from heart.👍💖😊

  20. Paivi Tee says:

    A cool video as always!

  21. L&PForever says:

    Very cool guys, you do this well and Marco had the moves on the board.

  22. Traveltrippie says:

    This series was amazing, I went on a skiing trip with my brother not to long ago in the Alps, after this video I really want to hit the slopes again :-D. Oh and btw, that ending was genious (again). Couldn't stop laughing! 😛

  23. herecomesnothing1 says:

    i loved the in depth 6 part series. i think you should continue to do this with many other locations. you guys are doing great things when it comes to giving people travel ideas, you're more than just a vlog.

  24. céline provins says:

    Ski ⛷

  25. Selon Ely says:

    I love when you talk in French, you've got a good accent 🙂
    you're so lucky to be in a snowy landscape ! I miss the snow so much.

  26. Lorcan Sharry says:

    when did u go to Quebec????

  27. Lorcan Sharry says:

    skiing for definit cool to see u guys trying to skills on the slopes

  28. Lorcan Sharry says:


  29. KimKewl says:

    U guys are a true inspiration to me! keep it up:)

  30. Ramith Midellawala says:

    Really strange choice of music around the 2:00 minute mark, but a brilliantly enjoyable series, yet again.I'm Canadian so I love seeing the Vagabrother's treatment given to places in my country. DO ONTARIO/TORONTO NEXT PLEASE PLEASE. (:

  31. Deej wark says:

    Great vid guys. I love the effort you guys put into each edit. J'espere que vous avez aimez vos vacances en Canada!

  32. gadaboutlad says:

    Awesome Vagabrothers! ⛷👍🏻

  33. La La says:

    Amazing series, sad to see it come to an end! I'm a snowboarder turned skier, and Alex it made me nervous to see you ride without a helmet, hope this was a one off! (this coming from someone who forgot her helmet one day and went up anyway and ended up getting a concussion).

  34. Karen Amen says:

    I probably have 20 ski days in this season! Copper Mtn, CO (You really should wear a helmet!). Beautiful series!

  35. Certinho says:

    I've only been to Montreal and can tell you that it is definitely an awesome city and can't wait to go back. You guys definitely showed me more of the city. Also I would love to go to Quebec City on my next Trip to Canada. Watching you guys has definitely made me appreciate our lovely neighbors to the North more. Go Canada!!! Eh.

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    Sooo cool to see places that I know near home ! Loved your Quebec serie so much 🙂
    You should come visit the North Coast in the summer if you like nature, fishing and beaches. Our countryside is pretty amazing for those things 🙂
    Good job keep going I love your stuff !

    (http://tourismecote-nord.com/en/ in case ;))

  47. ternitamas says:

    that was amazing guys! where did you learn those snow skills?

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    Just wanna say this whole vlog series was awesome! Seriously, the content + the editing was great 😀

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    It was an awesome series. Always fun to whatch. Thank you vagabrothers 😀

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    You guys are pretty good boarding through trees in the pow. I could show you how to break your ribs doing that, but I've already been there, done it. Great footage boarding (love the slo-mo), but also the time lapse (ferry arriving) and drone shots of the island are terrific. Great combo! Thanks!!!

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