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What does it mean to be “Latino?” I am a Boricua, a Puerto Rican working and skating throughout the United States where I came to follow my dreams and fight to create a better world. That takes character and determination. I left behind my family taking with me my mom’s best recipes, the music inside, and the warmth of my people wherever I go. That takes courage and bravery. Along the way, I skate… in the streets in the parks… trying a new trick… or simply searching for happiness in the company of old or new friends. That demonstrates perseverance. In the end, the words “Latino,” and “moxie” might as well be synonyms. And it is why I want to be a part of this team. To represent the moxie that characterizes what I am Latina. 🎵~we’re alive because we are~🎵 🎵~moving~🎵

Antonio Breitenberg

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