Last To Remove Their Hand, Gets MY SCOOTER!

Last To Remove Their Hand, Gets MY SCOOTER!

Oh ladies and gentlemen boys and girls before we get today’s video started I want to let you guys know that there is going to be a massive Black Friday sale at WWE and Warner Comm you’ll be able to save up to 50% off on select items at Rim Warner comm and the sale will be eligible from November 29th until December 1st We will also be having a Cyber Monday sale on December 2nd for those of you that don’t want to buy on Black Friday weekend We also have the brand-new silver and black RW logo hats So if you guys want to get your hands on one of these we have a super limited amount so act on that fast So again Black Friday sale from November 29th until December 1st Cyber Monday sale on December 2nd And the all-new silver and black hat so get on that right now while you can but let’s continue with the video Ronnie Do you know? How do you said anything yet guys, I’ll just saying me guys sound like those birds on Finding Nemo So today we are giving this scoot away to one of these lucky kids We have a bunch of kids showed up a few kids and I was like really expecting to show up But that’s a good thing, right? Ok, right number one You can you have to the same line as me though. Keep it easy We’ll start it off with the 360 and then our 360 over the next one. So just to back. All right down look it Like Tiger Woods all these people. All right three-sixty number one. Yeah turn this way three-sixty number two You do it. Well, I don’t know where the heck steve-o went All right. Now we have a bell. What do you think like 50 60 people in 7,000? 7,000 by people like watch this when I’ve drop in right here on this side. Look at how many people follow us All right, Brando, let’s do the gap really quick I think we’re all gonna hit the hip right now, but Randall is gonna go first I want to go second these two are gonna go SEC or third and fourth and then whoever wants to go after that can bar That but we’re currently riding the scooter that we’re gonna be giving away today We have Reaper V twos we have the AOSP for our dub limited AK 110 millimeter MV wheels double clamp MP headset and an SMB v3 fork in oil stick So it’s actually a really nice scoot But we do have to change the grip tape because I know that looks this took struggle some looks caddywhompus Here we go. Drop it in Go go go fly out play out back you blam Becky You didn’t do it. Oh All right, so we’re gonna do another line with the homies I’m gonna do a backup over this box and then trip up over that and then I’m gonna turn around and Steve-o is gonna front flip and then he was gonna fumble right after right. We’re gonna land in the grass. Yes All right. Here we go Drop it in right now. I’m gonna get a quick back eat on the Box straight into triple All right. Now here comes Steve Oh aunty go for the fronting Yes, number one We gotta do it again go you have your full snatcher and you just did that sorry I said the first time Let’s do round two boys triple standard All right, here we go we got the flip got the triple here go Steve L want to turn down runny cheeto Oh My gosh you did it On the fence. I was gonna take me out guys. I’m sorry You guys probably wondering why I’m riding the scooter here in the skate park you got four you PI thing is jacked up But I think it’d be really cool for whoever that actually wins the scoop to be able to watch the video and see their scooter In the actual video being ridden and just kind of a being featured Let’s see if we can get some room really quick and get this pyramid gap. Let’s get Brando in on this one Brando Let’s do it. I’ll try it I’ll make you first go. I’ll go first and you can do it after me. Yes. Yeah Yes, let’s see. This works first guards. We’ve had a good record in the past few days So, let’s see if we can keep it up. All right getting the drop in Did you do it Is your Chino in the background? The whole team’s gonna get it right now except for Jess are Effie good Carver. Now. What do you guys think? Do you guys think we all got it? First go? Okay, here we go All right steve-o coming in first, oh we’ve got it Jido get it. Oh My god, all right Petey toes ankles, you know, it almost worked around to all four of us. Let’s do it right now Come on full staff Ellis All right one down Steve-o coming in right now. Oh We got the whip. Oh, no its back look Go Gio, go Yeah Now there’s a full snare that I’ve ever seen one Bail is an absolute snare bat and the front foot view. I think right now Cheetos in the lead for stability Good job Guys these gloves. It’s the gloves. It’s not be the ones but it’s the ones coming soon That’s all you can add if you guys want to be able to do high-fives like that. Just go don’t remove Yourself if you guys want crisp high-five, I’m gonna get two more clips and then we’re going to start just giveaway clip number one I will kill us the scooter just yes for whoever wins it Yeah, I got you kick that’s whip now Alright, I think it’s time to give away the screw or at least start the process Okay, so we’re at the top of the pyramid right now. We have the scooting our hands we have everybody lined up. Say hello Who’s who who thinks are gonna win? So what we were gonna do originally was we were gonna have whoever whoever is the last hand on the scooter was gonna win Right. There’s way too many people for that So we’re gonna play Simon Says the last five people in the game 5h people those will be the people that will be participating In the last person with their hand on the scooter wins a scooter game Okay, and you’re gonna have to do challenges while your hands are on the scoop. Okay. That’s daddy’s gonna go It is fair first things first. We’re not starting the game yet I want every line up on that line to wreck it behind you So guys welcome to the our dub club army coming to a town near you so I’m gonna say like alright We’re starting right now you guys and then I’m glad drivers Are we all ready everybody ready to start everybody ready? Okay. We’re starting right now you guys ready? All right, cool. Well drop your scoots Everybody on the floor is out All right, first one to get it Now, all right. You’re out you’re out We’re almost there. We got like a couple more. All right Simon Sisk you forward Okay, stop now back up. Oh who stopped you – right there. I saw you – stop right here All right. I say so the last five that we have right now you guys are competing right now Everybody knows good. This is gonna be it. So wherever you put your hands on right now, that’s where it’s gonna stay Are you ready? So pick a spot one hand just one Okay So we’ve got them right every is happy with their placement cannot push each other If you push anyone off you are disqualified got it. Got it, but they’re gonna be challenges in between You guys have 20 seconds as a team to get up to the top of these and then down on this side over here Okay, go as a team 20 seconds Good can they have ten seconds to get to the top go one two three We’re doing good so far how you guys feeling okay tired. I got an idea For what you guys are about to do right now. No, no He has a scooter now, we’re gonna have everybody ride those scooters down This small hill do not let go if you let go that’s it. Come on faster faster faster These kids are all extremely dedicated to keeping all of their hands on these scooters So what we’re gonna do we’re gonna make them ride first person to take their foot off of a scooter has to take their hand Off of the scooter. Here we go in three two one feet on ok, stay Hey, you killed it either way there’s a whole bunch of stickers for you, dude Could you have my hand? That’s one should do it again one more time. We’re gonna get to top three Right now keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Okay now Who’s me the first one to take their foot off who’s gonna do it? Who’s gonna do it? Oh, we’re going up the ramp now Oh, dude, eh that was a long time. All right, listen up we’re gonna do a game of Rochambeau three ways, whoever loses Yeah, I think their hand off Look how nervous you are. I’m so nervous All right, here we go. Are we going one hand behind the back and on three we’re all taking out We’re holding it right here. This is our judge. Are we ready one? two three Do more hey, dude, I gotta give you faster that that was awesome. You killed it and then there were two You’re stressing out even harder now you guys are having a conversation You just were are you thinking about splitting the scooter? Because you can do that. It’s completely up to you guys You guys can think about your screen right now. You can think like who needs a deck more who needs wheels more who needs this That’s you guys it’s not my choice. I mean it will be my choice So you guys can either either decide to split it right now or only one of you guys is gonna get it it’s up to you cuz you guys I’ll give you guys like a minute to talk about it because in a minute we’re gonna have Another challenge and only what are you guys gonna wash away with the scooter? Nope I’m gonna give you one minute. I’m gonna back up you got one minute. What do you think? They’re gonna do? I have no clue. I think they’re good. I think they’re gonna split it was it I think that’s what they’re gonna do I wrote the challenge about your intake challenge is gonna be flip a coin what the court? Oh, that’s it Everybody heads or tails heads or tails, okay Mom career mom. We’re thinking it’s their choice. They can they can you choose to split we’re gonna go over there like ten seconds But if they don’t split it, we’re flipping a coin So sound good. All right, mom we got mom approval. We’re in we’re coming. All right Scooter. Okay, we’re doing it. Okay, your chance is to split the scooter are now done You cannot split the scooter. Now, either you’re winning or you’re winning and this is how we are going to decide Look at you dude, you stress out so hard one of you guys are gonna win this entire scooter You had your chance to split it that is officially gone. So heads or tails Heads or tails heads or tails? Tails. Are you cool with heads? Yeah, he’s in back up a little bit back a little bit I need this whole area with like the light. I need the light right here tails and heads you ready We got give him some goodies we have a winner he has officially won runner-up you gotta give him some goodies We’re gonna give the Hat we’re gonna give him a whole bunch of stickers my man Yeah, dude, you held on forever kill the in Simon Says. You still get the hat you get the stickers. Good job, dude hug? All right, we soaked take go go right you go, right All right. All right. Now he’s gonna do it for today’s video. That was a very very long time I mean I’ve seen like taking the hands off videos go for a lot longer But the time we had I think that went really really well It was fair for everybody. No matter how good of a rider. You were no matter how big you were like nothing That was as fair as could have opossum ate it and I think it turned out really really cool So thank you guys so much for watching today’s video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. It makes you guys new subscribe every say goodbye Until next time we’re out later

Antonio Breitenberg

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