Landing FIRST EVER KICKFLIP on Scooter!

So you got like whoa, that’s the intro you got the intro Congrats Bro clerk camera, so we’re moving spots now as many of you saw yesterday We tried to do a kickflip on my scooter for a better part of like an hour hour and a half and I didn’t land It yesterday I tried really really hard and for a very long time I started to get frustrated But that’s not why we quit we quit because you got too freaking dark So now we have to laying out today But before we do that, and before you get all upset, maybe let’s get some other clips first I feel like nearly every single time. We start off the vlog here at Carlos I always go from the five eight and we’re doing it again. But this time we’re gonna do what Ryan got today Okay, go please go. Alright our G in front of us Alright oh I almost hit your foot dude your face. I was this far from your foot. That’s my clip you up. Thank you Why I saying thank you The snake me hey don’t look me in the eye boss today and snake me I remember this yesterday I was not cool with it. I just do that. That was I have the footage they saw I don’t remember this We look me in the eyeballs and snake me in broad daylight and you scratched it scratched You scratched my CD So Mike, huh? Hey nice gloves a museum Right from the slices they eat you doing I Is what we’re doing we’re dropping in to be rolling over here. We’re gonna do a 270 downside double whip straight into the flare turn now and Divorce and walk her out straight into the shoulder 2pk Hey you I want to see from you today. Whip to seven you go to the three block yesterday Today your whip from the seven. Let’s do it right now high five. Oh, you’re it’s a rap. Now what you do? You break your leg Wait, really? Oh, I’m just kidding. Here’s what we’re doing. We got Jake right here with us. I’m gonna go up I’m gonna do a flip up out of the five and he’s gonna get our back what they flew up and here we go We’re both guys doing first try Jake otherwise nothing Go there goes ink with the flavor does he have it first tried ladies and gentlemen? No, he doesn’t I’ll do it. I’ll give you another shot second tries. Look how busy it is today. I love it I love seeing this gay part like this Ryan. You’re ruining my clip of nothing. Let’s see you Jake right now second go Jacob bad goat, you know what stay in the corner go in the corner right now Are you dead you got a flare? Well done, sir Whoa, okay no more. You just eat almost you were almost in the same boat with Jess Rowan Did you three Give me a little trickery to do out of the bank right here live Bach. Oh god, I literally never clipboard this I’ll try it though. There’s a first time for everything dude. Yes. This is very true Doesn’t mean the first try always works that well, but we’ll give it a shot. Anyway, you got them back to the front Flip it first We gotta try the bar spin, I want to see a front scoot out of you that’s Right in the middle Right in the middle. Let me and you I called you Michael. Your name’s Andrew. My bad. Call Andrew, Michael I’m doing I’m not doing good. You don’t say I’m sick with it. You know, it means sick with it. Yeah, ah Dude, you’re in it’s gonna look like this It’s the tree ladies gentlemen steve-o is gonna get our back with horsemen and I’m going first though don’t want wings What yeah weird, we’re going to wings down because Ryan wants it. He never wants it. So today Ravens got a gift card. Oh I didn’t do it a front flips. No, I did not flip all the way. I did what I did with the 540 yesterday Dude like not even slow a baby. This one are here. Yeah. It’s a replay Oh Kick to kick flip kick flip do it do it. Hey you give me a kick flip I’ll try to get your back on my scoop I’ll take that. Okay, I’ll take that Okay, I’ll try this one anyway I’m gonna give a shot oh What’s your name Dana I’m Raymond nice to meet you. Thanks for your participation. Let’s do it boys all three of us Back to back to back There hey hey, what’s up? Hey nice to see you man. Join us. I Did it again suka show me up Oh First girls don’t talk about a baby since you got Mike. Whoa That’s the intro you got the intro Congrats let’s go no poopy Come on Steve oh look what you did Zero’s Connor I know I was trying to like celebrate and you just decided to ruin it. Hi bro, is it time? We got like 30 minutes to get this done dawg, can we do it click the card? Let us know do you think we will be able to end the kickflip on our scooters? Whoa, okay, we’re leaving this spot now. So yesterday when we were doing the kickflip you were doing it going in that direction But it was looking really weird because of like the lines in the ground from the fence like the shadows So today we’re gonna be doing it like kind of going more towards this way So you guys can actually see my foot work a little bit better and hopefully see my land a little bit better Hopefully you see it right now. Your first go We’re trying it’s not going as good as it was towards the end of the day yesterday But it’s going better than it was in the beginning. But let’s give it a I’m calling like another 10 tries I get another 10. I’ll be a happy camper So when I landed I don’t want to land it like that and like reach down and grab the bars I want the bars to actually come up so I can land it properly, but it’s not working or trying It’s not working right now we’re sweating but we’re getting there Maybe my scooters not liking this new spot. So let’s go back to the last pot We were out yesterday because that seemed to work a lot better Okay, dude, I’m getting really upset now I’m sweating like a lot and I’m like getting close sometimes sometimes a not that’s cool. Really annoying But we’re gonna keep doing it It’s not good Thing I’ve done in the past week, but I freaking landed it we all thank God everybody mystics ever Ryan Thank God, okay hang out we’ll be right back we gotta watch this. Oh my god Finally I would be willing to bet I tried that over 250 to close to 300 times That was a long long time to do that trick and it was a lot of time riding flat. John respect this sucks It’s way more fun on ramps, but this sucks, but I think it’s time for us to go celebrate

Antonio Breitenberg

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