KLM Surf – Destination Portugal (extended version 4K)

KLM Surf – Destination Portugal (extended version 4K)

I’ve been to Portugal many times now. When I met Marlon at a young age we immediately became friends. He has always been an inspiration to me, as a friend but also for his raw surfing
skills. I was born in Lisbon and grew up here in the south of Portugal. I started surfing when
I was maybe six years old on the south coast, and since then I have never turned my back
to the waves. It’s so diverse. There are so many different types of wave which is fantastic for surfers
of all levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced surfer looking for challenging waves or you
have just learned to surf and want something smaller and easier. You can drive around the corner and find a beach that picks up a bit more or a bit less
swell and is perfectly suited for you. The landscape down here in the south is very different.
What I find amazing is when you drive to the beach here and see these really steep cliffs,
you can really feel as if you’re at the end of the world. Some places and some surfspots can get really crowded, but you can always find a nice spot
somewhere to catch a good wave for yourself or a with group of friends. The other day we surfed alone, sharing those moments in the water with no one around. There
are not many places in the world like this and that’s what always drags me back here. You can surf all day with perfect conditions, and later walk around the city of Lisbon to
learn more about the culture and the history. It’s just a perfect combination. It’s a special feeling when you walk around Lisbon through the little streets, seeing all the culture and all those beautiful churches. And when you leave the vibrant city centre,
it’s only a short drive to the beach. You can really take a moment for yourself there.

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “KLM Surf – Destination Portugal (extended version 4K)

  1. Peter Williams says:

    Thanks for making this. SO STOKED about my trip to portugal in a few weeks. And the news on board bags is amazing. Nice one KLM.

  2. Jasper van Loo says:

    for me the best portugal surf feeling ever was a day on vale viguares. first a drive trough the national park, with amazing views (on moment you have the feeling you are in norway, ten minutes later you feel like driving trough the italian toscane). amazing right-handers, which were quite long for a beach break. first when we drove in the beach was fully covered with fog, which was hold back by the mountains behind it. after we paddled out the fog went away and we saw the beautiful mountains and the long empty beach with almost no one

  3. Ana Maria da Silva Barroso says:

    Congrats KLM for this amazing video about my country. You´re one of the best companies in the world.

  4. jose augusto correia says:

    The best.

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