King Snow Magazine’s True North BC – Episode 1: Smithers

King Snow Magazine’s True North BC – Episode 1: Smithers

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re driving north to
explore the vastness that is Northern
BC, and how much those mountains and small
little towns have to offer. We all live in areas that
are really popular now. And we have beautiful terrain. And we have great snow. But we have a lot of people. We want to go explore other
zones that are also beautiful. They have mountains
and great snow, but they’re not as accessible,
and there’s nobody there. So if we just put in a little
bit of extra effort, then we’re going to be able to
enjoy these areas to ourselves. Rusty’s one of those dudes that
just like, oozes character, and that reflects in his
snowboarding as well. You never know what’s going
to come out of rusty’s mouth. Beau Bishop, pumping up
the vibes, keeping everyone stoked, and just out there
to have a really good time. Chris Rasman likes to go big,
super powerful snowboarder. He’s like an Energizer Bunny. He doesn’t stop talking. [MUSIC PLAYING] To get in the trucks, and
drive over 1,000 kilometers, and get out and
you’re in Smithers. You’re in your first location. It was a breath of fresh air. [MUSIC PLAYING] You kind of come downtown, it
has this European vibe to it. There’s like this
statue of a guy blowing a horn, and Swiss
Alps kind of vibe to it. [MUSIC PLAYING] It wasn’t even that
late in the day but the town had kind of
shut down, it seemed like. Or I don’t know if it
was a holiday, or what. But it just seemed like a
really funky mountain town. It was a good vibe, for sure. [MUSIC PLAYING] So we picked up
the trailer packed full of snowmobiles
for the trip, and headed out for day
one in the back country. [MUSIC PLAYING] The trail on the snowmobiles
end was super tight, like winding
through these trees. It’s kind of crazy. He had to like duck and
dodge all these trees. So we got up to this
new zone in Smithers. We’re in the alpine. We’re excited. And the boys nominated me to
go tee off on the first line. [MUSIC PLAYING] As suspected, the snow
was a little variable. So it started to make us think,
how could we make this work. What type of terrain
should we look for. Me and the guys spotted
out this steep landing, and figured we could put
a jump on the top of it. And it didn’t really matter
about the snow conditions because the landing was perfect. [MUSIC PLAYING] Thought it would be a good
time to wrap it up and call it a successful day one. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, I don’t know
why, but it seems like there’s a bunch of
like Swiss architecture or statues in the streets there. It’s cool, but I don’t get it. And it just kind of
had a good vibe to it. It seemed like people
weren’t as stressed there, as they are when you
get closer to Vancouver. Things seem a little
bit more relaxed. I’m from Northern BC. I grew up here. You can just like go out your
back door and go get lost. Like it’s kind of
unexplored, I guess, compared to like lots of other places. You can just kind of go find
new places almost every day. And like first tracks,
kind of on everything, so it’s pretty cool in that way. It’s a really special thing
when you can find a place that nobody has been before. So for Dylan and his
friend to show us this new zone in Smithers,
where the two of them were literally the first
people to go out there, was pretty damn cool. We’re kind of tight-lipped
with a lot of people because so much work goes
into just getting in there. It’s the time that you
spend on the computer, like looking at Google Earth. Like you pack power
saws, flagging tape, all that kind of
stuff because they’re doing everything in your
power just to try and get like up out of the alpine. And then huge relief
when you finally come out of those tight trees,
and it just opens up and there’s huge
mountains you know. And it’s just like– it’s the best
feeling in the world. [MUSIC PLAYING] So given the snow
conditions on this trip, we kind of took our
minds out of our classic, “catch air, get your bodies
in the sky” mentality. And we kind of just
wanted to simplify things and go snowboarding. [MUSIC PLAYING] So I’d spotted out
this line that was down this really tight chute. I’d mentioned it to a few
of the guys on the crew. Everybody was excited for me to
at least go take a look at it. So I ended up coming up to
the top of the line with him just to help him kind
of make some decisions. We realized there was
a cornice above it and a bridge section to get into
the line, which had a six foot drop before you could
access the line. So we had no way of
touching the snow. We had no way to tell if
the snow was soft in there. Didn’t know if it was icy. Kind of started leaning more
in the direction of, man this thing is not
going to happen. It’s too sketchy. There’s no way to test the snow. And then I had this idea, what
if I just dig my platform, that I’m standing
on, down a few feet. That’ll get me closer to the
snow so I can reach in there and touch it. Next thing you know. Rasman’s like, “I
want to do it”. I’m like “all right,
let’s do this”. [MUSIC PLAYING] Everybody was fired up. It was pretty sick,
like huge celebration. I’m so juiced right now. Yeah. Oh. Yeah we’re not sure what
Curtis and Dylan want to name this zone,
but our suggestion was Coach’s Corner because
it’s the restaurant we’ve been eating at every
single day at our hotel. The Don Cherry. The Don Cherry. So– The zone is called Don
Cherry’s, according to us. And this is Coach’s Corner. Yup. Yeah. And then what about the line? The line that Ron
MacLean’s chute. Ron MacLean’s line. There you go. Ron MacLean’s chute. Smithers exceeded my
expectations hugely on terrain, on the people that
live there, and on how overall epic the place is. So we left there
kind of thinking, like wow, there’s some
really cool gems here, and it would be worth
coming back for sure. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Antonio Breitenberg

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