killing Paris – Train & METRO surfing in 2019 (4K)

killing Paris – Train & METRO surfing in 2019 (4K)

Youre going to hold onto this? Sorry, what did you say? Say it again He sees you Hey up! You don’t get off here

Antonio Breitenberg

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31 thoughts on “killing Paris – Train & METRO surfing in 2019 (4K)

  1. micha grey says:

    Honestly, this is probably the most enjoyable video I have watched in a while

  2. micha grey says:

    5:28 that spot seems familiar

  3. Radoslav Kolev says:

    sick video lads

  4. Bauli's _Adventures says:

    Nice video bro

  5. Aaron Morris says:

    Sick video lads πŸ”₯

  6. Tash says:

    I'm going to recreate this don't give a shirt what you say

  7. *GermanPyroBeast* says:

    So dope! Honestly the Best trainsurfing vid out there! 🀘

  8. Bruna Fernanda says:


  9. Thi M. says:

    That was dope!

  10. Kryptek Gaming says:

    'Loved the video! I'm french and the last spot on the metro is very famous for surfing, be careful guys and I hope to see more videos like these πŸ˜‰βœŒ

  11. Avid Media says:

    nice! really enjoyed the video πŸ€™

  12. ChakoNCH says:

    U are from Germany? ?

  13. Cleo says:


  14. GRAFFITI. ART28 says:

    Nice Video Respekt from Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺπŸ‘
    5:38 train Graffiti

  15. Zac Private says:

    What is your GoPro recording frame rate and shutter speed? Mine doesn’t look as this does and I’m dissatisfied with mine.

  16. a Amtonnn says:


  17. ThirteenBladeS says:


  18. Hot Rod Bumblebee says:

    Waow Good job guy

  19. Luna Touch says:

    Awesome video, I subscribed and liked!

  20. SIOUL_ FR says:

    Nice video!!
    Im french

  21. John Fonebone says:

    Train Surfers sont candidats au titre de plus gros imbΓ©ciles au monde. Quel manque de cerveau. Train Surfers are candidates for the title as the biggest dumbasses in the world. What a lack of brain.

  22. Urbex Lan says:

    good video and i liked the way u edited btw where r u from?

  23. Timo Steiner says:

    Du bist von vlbg PS. nobody knows

  24. Irish Urbex says:

    Absolutely insane, well better than Dublin. I did it in Dublin, vid on my channel, and security grabbed me. It was unfortunate as I surfed a different model of the train previous had nothing to hold onto and ran awayπŸ˜‚

  25. luca.bikelife says:

    Respect from Germany.

  26. Paul Joshua Manango says:

    Press F for respect

  27. Martin De la rose says:

    Nice video respect from france 😚😚

  28. YT zivrra says:

    Please more ✌️πŸ”₯

  29. IamTheKing- SQUAD says:

    You are from Germany your Voice Sounds like that πŸ˜‚

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