Kidtopia Snow Report – Hayden Learns to Snowboard at Camp Keystone

Kidtopia Snow Report – Hayden Learns to Snowboard at Camp Keystone

Hi this is Hayden! And i’m at the best ski school in the world… Camp Keystone! Camp Keystone is designed specifically for kids! Kids only, dude! I learned how to ski here when i was three years old and they have the best instructors in the world! Now that I know how to ski, I want to learn how to snowboard. Let’s go do it! Here at Camp Keystone they’ve got their own rental equipment. Oh yeah, those look cool! This maze helps you get used to your new boots. There’s even a slide that goes out into the snow Our team name is the Hydra Eagles. HYDRA EAGLES let’s go! It’s okay to land on your butt we got a little extra cushion back there This is the alligator, this is the alligator’s mouth. This is the snake, you wanna feed the snake to the alligator. So we want to keep our knees bent, we want to keep our back straight, We want to keep our shoulders, knees, and feet in line. And we want to keep our weight on our front foot. Whoa! Ta-da! Alright, you guys ready to go up? Yeah! We’re gonna do is called side slipping that means just keeping the board across the hill and sliding down on our heels You want to try to dig those heels in You’re starting to get icicles on your mustache! So now that we’re starting to get comfortable with sliding down on our heel edge, what’s the other edge? Toe edge! Time to make another run let’s hope I don’t fall on my butt! Weight on our downhill foot shift that way and then flex that ankle and dig that heel in. Whoa, why am I going that way?! Oh now i know why I’m turning like that! I’m putting to much weight on that side! I just finished my first snowboard lesson and it was awesome! If you want to learn how to snowboard come down to Camp Keystone They have the best instructors, like Coach Joe. He’s the best! Hey Hayden you did awesome! And you can be goofy or non goofy. You can be normal. What are you? I’m goofy!

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Mitchell Rodio says:

    Yo do u guys have terrain park lessons for 12 yr olds because I would love to hang out and learn there! Plz respond

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